[UPDATE] Showmax and MTN launching three new bundles next month

  • Ahead of the new Showmax launching next month, MTN has announced three upcoming bundles for local subscribers of the streaming platform.
  • A weekly subscription plan is being added to the mix at R19 per week.
  • The three new bundled offerings will be available locally from 12th February onwards.

UPDATE: Showmax has shared an update regarding the data and speed elements of MTN’s Weekly bundle. We have updated our table to reflect the change.


On 12th February 2024, the new iteration of Showmax will launch in South Africa, bringing with it new subscription options and the promise of a slate of local original content.

Aiming to give its customers a bit more when the new Showmax lands, MTN has announced the impending arrival of three new subscription-based data bundles for the streaming platform.

Like the new iteration, these bundles will be available to purchase from 12th February, the network operator confirmed.

The new bundles focus on three areas – football, binging, and weekly access.

The bundles set to arrive on 12th February are as follows:

Product NameDataPriceBenefits
Showmax Premier League LivePassData for all live games (subject to fair usage limits)R79 per monthEnough data to watch all Premier League games on a mobile device via Showmax’s default data setting.
Showmax Entertainment Mobile Weekly + 1GB streaming data1GB streaming data per weekR19 per week1GB streaming data to watch up to 25 hours of shows at 40MB per hour.
Showmax Entertainment Mobile + 2GB + 3GB Promotional Data5GB streaming data per monthR59 per month2GB video streaming data and an addiitonal 3GB promotional data, totalling roughly 50 hours of viewing.

The streaming platform has noted that MTN customers will need to be cognisant of the data involved with the above bundles.

To that end, highlighting the LivePass bundle in particular, it noted that “Users are free to change the streaming settings in the Showmax app. However, this may limit the number of matches a customer can stream using mobile data in a given week. Customers can still watch live matches via Wi-Fi.”

“Streaming of additional non-live content such as documentaries, highlights, talk shows and any other related content will be at standard data rates,” it clarified.

With a new Showmax on the way, this likely won’t be the last we hear from local network operators on bundles and data-related deals.

“Across sub-Saharan Africa, the Premier League is both deeply loved and passionately supported. Working with MTN South Africa, we aim to bring relevant product plans to customers, bundling low data prices with the excitement of football and the appeal of great entertainment,” noted Showmax CEO Marc Jury of the bundles.


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