The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra promises to power your home for a month

  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra sports a 6kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery and a maximum output of 7 200W.
  • The stackable design allows for configurations that boast up to 90kWh of backup power.
  • The Delta Pro Ultra will cost $4 999 in the US.

Alongside the TVs, notebooks, and other technology at CES 2024, EcoFlow has introduced a new solution to power all of that tech and then some at the first major tech trade show of the year.

That solution is the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra backup power solution that can power a home for up to a month if configured in such a way to achieve that.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is a stackable unit that houses a 6kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery with a maximum output of 7 200W and a solar input of 5.6kW. EcoFlow also launched its Smart Home Panel 2 at CES 2024 which should help homeowners that make use of the brand’s backup solutions to switch to those solutions seamlessly when there is a power outage.

“In the face of increasing energy insecurity due to grid failures and extreme weather, we have developed Delta Pro Ultra along with Smart Home Panel 2 to address these challenges,” Brian Essenmacher, EcoFlow’s head of North American business development said in a press release. “We aim to empower individuals with the freedom to choose the best power solutions in daily use for their households and give them peace of mind during power outages.”

With an unrivaled capacity of 6kWh, 7 200W output and 5.6kW of solar input, DELTA Pro Ultra can run an entire home. Its stackable design allows for quick expansion of storage and output. While its compatibility with a variety of energy sources, including solar and gas, caters to a wide range of power needs.

The Delta Pro Ultra can be configured to provide up to 90kWh of backup power. These solutions can of course be powered up from the mains, solar power or even a fuel generator if needed. EcoFlow notes that the Delta Pro Ultra will integrate “seamlessly” with existing rooftop solar systems.

The Smart Home Panel 2 is rather exciting as well. The panel features something called Storm Guard. Powered by Weatherbit, Storm Guard will monitor weather systems and prioritise backup power in the event of a large storm approaching. We’d love to see this adapted for the local market, allowing folks to essentially plug the Delta Pro Ultra into the Smart Home Panel 2 and forget about it.

The Delta Pro Ultra will cost $4 999 (~R93 000 direct conversion) while the Smart Home Panel 2 will cost $1 599 (~R29 000 direct conversion). For now, these solutions are only available in the US and there is no word on whether these solutions will arrive in South Africa. If they do, looking at the prices above these solutions are going to cost a lot.

However, EcoFlow’s latest slew of products are rather good especially here in SA where loadshedding made an unwelcome return this week.

Should EcoFlow announce these products locally we’ll be sure to share that information.


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