Vodacom Business adds HPE GreenLake to its product suite

  • Vodacom Business will now offer HPE GreenLake as one of its growing number of solutions.
  • The HPE GreenLake platform is itself a portfolio of cloud and other as-a-service solution.
  • This addition comes amid a push to bring more businesses online and into the cloud.

For most businesses, day-to-day operations rely on digital services that run at the edge and in the cloud. The number of businesses leveraging these services is growing by the day and Vodacom Business is seemingly looking to grow its product offering by adding the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to its portfolio.

The HPE GreenLake platform is itself a portfolio of cloud and other as-a-service solutions. What seems to have attracted Vodacom Business to the offering is the fact that HPE GreenLake can be used where ever a business’ data lives be that the edge, data centres, colocation centres or the public cloud. The solution is also said be be more open and secure, which is great when trying to attract as many customers as possible.

“As a service provider, our main goal is to help our customers accelerate their economic growth and transform their IT operations through innovative solutions and services, enabled by state-of-the-art technology and big data analytics. HPE GreenLake is one of these solutions and we are looking forward to offering our customers an exceptional hybrid multi-cloud experience and new services, with a more predictable cost model. We are excited to take this next step in our partnership with HPE, which for us is also one step further on our own transformation journey of becoming a TechCo leader,” managing executive for cloud, hosting and security at Vodacom Business, Kabelo Makwane, said in a press statement.

In a report published by Access Partnership commissioned by AWS, the impact cloud adoption could have on the South African economy was outlined in great detail. You can find the full report here [PDF] but to grab some headlines from it, cloud adoption could assist in generating R185.9 billion in revenue by 2030. In addition, cloud adoption could support the creation of 142 300 jobs and potentially avert 88 800 cybersecurity incidents. Of course, this is all speculative but is based on existing data and projections made by analysing trends.

By offering a flexible solution such as HPE GreenLake, Vodacom Business can potentially offer a flexible cloud solution to more businesses and if it’s affordable, it could attract SMEs looking to expand.

“As more organisations in South Africa recognise the advantages of a hybrid-by-design model, the need for service partners with strong expertise in multi-cloud environments and the ability to provide clear guidance and support increases,” says managing director for HPE in South Africa, President Ntuli.

“This is a great opportunity for both HPE and Vodacom Business not just to deepen our partnership, but to explore new and exciting opportunities in the market. Especially since the adoption of HPE GreenLake will enable Vodacom Business customers to fully embrace the benefits of a hybrid edge-to-cloud architecture, allowing them to leverage their data as a strategic asset,” Ntuli added.

It’s not clear how or when HPE GreenLake will be incorporated into Vodacom Business’ portfolio but you can keep an eye on the official website for more information.


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