What’s still coming in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

  • Bungie has detailed how it plans to keep players engaged in the coming months.
  • At the end of January Riven’s Wishes become available for all players and Moments of Triumph 2023 begin.
  • In April, Into the Light will arrive with new content for all players that will help them catch up before The Final Shape.

Last week Destiny’s latest seasonal storyline reached its conclusion except it hasn’t.

Yes, despite all story mission-related triumphs for the season having been fulfilled, in Bungie’s first This Week In Destiny update for the year, the developer said there was more to come.

The blog post says that more content will be arriving in the game on 30th January in the form of Riven’s Wishes. These wishes are said to be weekly pursuits that players can complete to redeem a prize of their choosing. These pursuits will be available for six weeks.

Then, also on 30th January, Moments of Triumph 2023 kicks off. This “event” is Bungie’s way of helping players catch up by tempting them with in-game and physical rewards. Generally, there are more people taking part in activities that would otherwise feature a smaller group of players. It’s not clear what rewards will be available during Moments of Triumph – in-game or physical – but Bungie says it will share more information next week.

Also happening on 30th January, the Glimmer cap will be raised from 250 000 to 500 000. Given that Legendary Shards are being retired, this makes sense so be sure to get farming for Glimmer which can be done by simply playing the game.

Bungie has also said that before the launch of The Final Shape, it will introduce the ability to customise the appearance of a player’s character. This means that gender and the appearance of your character can be changed but the origin – Human, Exo or Awoken – cannot.

This content will have to satiate players until April. This is when new content will hit Destiny 2 in the form of Into the Light. There aren’t any details about this content aside from a press release we received this morning.

“Destiny 2: Into the Light will launch in April, bringing new content in-game to prepare Guardians for their journey into the Traveler to take on the Witness in The Final Shape, launching June 4. This content update will be available to all players, with more details to come from Bungie in the weeks leading up to launch,” the press release reads.

Something that wasn’t mentioned was Guardian Games. According to Joe Blackburn in a video embedded below this event will be taking place but as of right now, there are no details.

The Final Shape had its release delayed until 4th June which means the content coming between now and then will have to not only keep players occupied but invested in the game as well. That is going to be an uphill battle but if these activities are engaging enough, players will jump into Destiny.

At least Bungie isn’t leaving players to occupy themselves for the next five months because that would likely lead to a massive dropoff in players.


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