Don’t overlook print in 2024: Flex and HP are here to make it easy

While we live in a digital, world paper still holds a firm grasp in many avenues of life. The physicality, impact and permanence of printer materials still makes it a mainstay in many industries.

Print is even stronger here in South Africa where a variety of factors still make it a winner. High data prices, low smart device penetration, technology taxes and more factors all affect the market. On top of this South Africa is simply a country that loves its traditions, and few traditions are as beloved as print.

As we head deeper into 2024 the pandemic still looms in the back of the minds of all employers and employees. In the past a simple printer or fleet of printers in an office may have sufficed, but with work from home now a mainstay the print situation just isn’t as simple. While this is a new problem, it adds to the list of other key factors that businesses need to carefully weigh to make the most out of their printing opportunities.

Enter HP Managed Print Services (MPS)

Outside of the regular printing needs for the everyday office, HP understands the power and need for print across education, medicine, finance, manufacturing, retail and more. HP knows that even governments rely on paper, cardboard and ink to keep countries moving.

That’s why HP created the Managed Print Services (MPS) platform to handle everything about printing for companies of all sizes. MPS is a platform that manages, secures and optimises printing across your fleet of hardware and your workforce of employees.

MPS is all about creating a printing solution that fits your needs – and budget. HP’s huge array of physical printers and supplemental hardware and software can match any need from the single remote worker all the way up to busy departments with countless people.

But the real trick is efficiency and smart use of resources to stretch every Rand.

MPS even incorporates digital processes and cloud solutions into the physical paper process, bringing printing not into the modern day, but into the future.

Over the last few years HP has updated MPS extensively to function with work from home and hybrid working environments. HP calls this its blueprint for print transformation and it really shows how print, despite its age, can still work even on the bleeding edge of modern business.

Flex brings MPS to South Africa

HP is a multinational conglomerate but, for South Africans to get the most out of Managed Print Services, it takes a strong local partner who understands the very unique business world of this country.

That partner is Flex, a company with a decade of experience with the biggest names in the tech world. Flex Technology Group offers technical solutions for every level of every company to maximise your budget and achieve your goals.

Flex has nationwide support through certified dealers, wide support even for existing machines you may already have on premises and tailor made contract length and terms, to name just a few of the services that the company has to offer. Flex even boasts machine installation in as little as 48 hours depending on the complexity of the installation and the finance requirement.

Flex is also a level 2 B-BBEE contributor that is devoted to fair employment and the creation of opportunities within its business.

Contact Flex today for an experienced consultant that will help you start the HP MPS journey.


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