EVERKI has a Hard Case for every situation

In a recent article we introduced you to the range of Hard Cases from EVERKI – supremely durable bags that combine soft padding with hard EVA shells to give your devices the best protection in the smallest space.

Today let’s focus on a selection from the range and talk about what makes each unique so you know which one will best suit you.

When you’re set on a new Hard Case, head on over to your favourite online retailers such as TakealotLootWootware, and FirstShop and don’t forget about the amazing limited lifetime warranty that EVERKI offers to original customers.

EVA Hard Case – Model EKF842

Made for devices up to 11.7 inches, the EKF842 is the quintessential Hard Case from EVERKI. Without a scrap of wasted space, this Hard Case also has memory foam protection, a secure Velcro inner strap to adjust to your specific device and a focus on lightweight construction that doesn’t skimp on quality or robust protection.

What we especially love about this model is that, despite being the smallest of the bunch, EVERKI hasn’t skipped on the quality materials that are usually reserved by other manufacturers for their heavier (and more expensive) options. This includes features like the double handle and actual metal zippers. A single handle and cheap plastic zippers – usually the first part of any given bag to break – are the norm, so we’re happy to see that’s not the case for this Hard Case.

EVA Hard Case – Model EKF850

Increasing the size to accommodate devices with a screen up to 12.1 inches, this Hard Case gives you several new options.

The first is a special high-contrast inner lining in EVERKI’s signature orange. This bright colour not only makes it easier to locate small items inside of the bag, but it also speeds up security checkpoints when travelling as officials don’t need to spend extra time trying to look inside.

Also new here is a shoulder strap to free up your hands which makes travelling, or even just the daily commute, all the easier. This strap is removable too so you can always switch back to the more traditional Hard Case form factor.

CORE Hard Shell Case – Model EKF871

Increasing the supported device screen size again, this time up to 13.3 inches, is the EKF871.

Here we can really see how EVERKI iterates on its size classes by offering all the features but at a larger scale to fit increasingly growing screens.

This model also highlights how the compact size of the Hard Case, even at this larger size, also means that you can slip these Hard Cases into larger bags like backpacks or luggage to give your devices an extra layer of protection.

CORE Ruggedized EVA Laptop Briefcase – Model EKF875

Not only does the EKF875 support devices up to 14-inches, but it also combines the hard Case features – the soft lining and hard, dense EVA foam shell – with the form and features of a laptop briefcase.

Inside you’ll find not only ample room for your laptop, tablet, ereader or other device, but also extra pockets for additional items.

And on the outside that space is expanded upon massively with two large pockets on the face of the bag. For us this screams storage for a laptop charging brick and a mouse but you can do whatever you want with your added space.

EVA Hard Case Universal – Model EKF880

Our final Hard Case showcase item today is the EKF880 which can handle the largest devices with screens up to 14.1 inches.

Here EVERKI shows off the Universal fitting straps for ultimate comfort. Notice the large, padded shoulder section for improved comfort on this model.

An extra feature worth checking out is the personalizable window which has so many applications. When travelling this is the ideal spot to put your details in the event of a lost bag, but for everyday use it’s perfect for public transit cards, work / school IDs or even business cards. The EKF875 and EKF880 both share this feature so consider both if this is something you want in your Hard Case.

Don’t forget to head on over to online retailers like TakealotLootWootware, and FirstShop to get your new EVERKI Hard Case today.


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