Fujitsu’s latest tool uses AI to resolve network problems quickly

  • Fujitsu announced the launch of a suite of network applications called Virtuora IA at MWC 2024.
  • This suite of products uses AI and ML to improve multiple aspects of a mobile network operator’s business.
  • The software looks to be particularly useful when it comes to analysing issues and generating insights that can be used to address problems on a network.

Much ado has been made about large language models and the artificial intelligence solutions built on top of those models. Until recently however, the application of this technology has been popularised by chatbots and image generators but we’re finally starting to see some business solutions built on the technology.

Today at MWC 24, Fujitsu announced the launch of a suite of network applications called Virtuora IA. This collection of applications leverages AI and machine learning models trained on data about telecommunications to improve multiple aspects of a mobile network operator’s (MNO) operations.

“Our innovative new AI-powered network applications are part of an expanding portfolio of intelligent software solutions designed to help network operators realize light-touch operations for greater agility, lower TCO [total cost of operation] and unrivalled performance,” explains senior vice president of network software and integration business unit at Fujitsu, Greg Manganello. “We have combined decades of network operations experience with our extensive AI research to deliver immediate business value within a trusted multivendor network management ecosystem.

Among the use cases for Virtuora IA, Fujitsu highlights the software’s proficiency at addressing network problems. The software applies real-time inference to analyse problems and create insights so that MNOs can address those more efficiently. The firm says that a Tier 1 MNO was able to sort through and understand hundreds of data points from thousands of nodes to reduce anomalies and find problems within minutes.

Of course, Virtuora isn’t just useful in crisis management, it also has applications that can optimise a network which in the case of standards such as 5G and beyond, is vital.

While we’ve bemoaned the lack of real change driven by 5G that’s just because we’ve seen what 5G can do and right now it’s limited to faster connectivity speeds. We suspect this may be down to the complexity of 5G networks which Fujitsu says it can address with its software.

The proof of the pudding is of course in the eating and we hope that Virtuora IA, as well as other systems can really help to improve the state of 5G.

This is likely to be one of many announcements about AI being used to improve back-office operations we expect to see in 2024. In fact with MWC 2024 currently on the go, we expect to hear a lot about AI and its incorporation into networking, security and more throughout the week.

[Image – Andrew Martin from Pixabay]


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