Microsoft to build a data centre campus in Centurion

  • Microsoft announced via adverts in local newspapers today that it plans to build a data centre campus in Centurion.
  • The campus would be located in Kosmosdal, where it wishes to work with the municipality.
  • The impending facility is still int he early phases of development and no timeline for commencement or completion has been outlined yet.

If you picked up a newspaper today you have seen an advertisement where Microsoft announced that it plans to build a data centre campus in Gauteng.

More specifically in Kosmosdal in Centurion, where the company aims to better serve its growing lineup of local customers.

“Still in the early phases of development, Microsoft aims to build out its cloud infrastructure in new areas of South Africa to meet growing demand from public sector and private organisations for cloud and AI services and solutions in Africa,” a release shared with Hypertext explained.

With all the major hyperscalers now having a presence in SA, it was Microsoft that was the first to spin up a local presence in March 2018.

Very few details have been shared at this stage, however, as we are yet to know when Microsoft intends to commence building of the data centre campus, or indeed when the project is expected to be completed.

“This data centre campus represents the next step in Microsoft’s commitment to enabling and accelerating the pace of digital transformation in South Africa, and Africa, in an inclusive, trusted, and responsible manner,” the release continued.

“We look forward to working with the municipality, local organisations, and the residents of Kosmosdal as we develop our data centre plans in a sustainable way,” it concluded.


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