PlayStation highlights titles coming to the PS VR2 this year

  • PlayStation has announced a half dozen games that are slated for release on the PS VR2 this year.
  • They will be added to the 40-plus launch titles that the PS VR2 debuted with a year ago.
  • PlayStation also announced that it is testing the ability for PS VR2 owners to play additional titles on PC.

Time clearly flies in VR as we are only a few weeks away from the one year anniversary of the release of the PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2). At the time, the current-generation gaming headset from Sony launched with 40-plus titles, along with a number of notable exclusive titles in the months that followed.

In order to garner renewed interest for the PS VR2, PlayStation has detailed a handful of titles that are slated to release within the the company’s virtual reality gaming ecosystem in 2024.

The titles in question are:

  • The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood (out today),
  • Arizona Sunshine 2 DLC (out today),
  • Little Cities: Bigger! (out 12th March),
  • Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate (out 27th June),
  • Zombie Army VR (out 2024),
  • Soul Covenant (out 2024).

Looking at the above list only a few really grad our attention, with Little Cities: Bigger! and Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate being the most interesting.

The former is a city building simulator as the name would suggest, and sees more than 18 months worth of update content added to the mix.

“You’ll feel everything from the satisfying ‘whomp’ of a well-placed mountain to the brush-stroke sensation of island sculpting with Sense controller haptics. And thanks to headset feedback, experience world-rumbling volcanic eruptions while tiny helicopters rush to the rescue! We cannot wait to see what you create,” noted Kelly Howard, co-founder of developer for the game, Purple Yonder.

The other title that piqued our interest is Wanderer, which looks quite slick if the trailer embedded below is anything to go by. It also appears to mix a bunch of different genres and mechanics into a VR titles that could be more engaging than most VR shooters we’ve encountered to date.

“Under fire in World War 2 we see the player harness their trusty watch companion’s time-traveling abilities to gather an eclectic arsenal of weapons, only to return moments later to gain the upper hand! Playing as Asher Neumann, players can seamlessly time travel at will, exploring immersive worlds and experiencing exhilarating action while solving mind bending puzzles and wielding their time-traveling powers to reshape the course of history,” Sam Ramlu, executive producer at Mighty Eyes, explained of the game’s premise.

Along with detailing the upcoming 2024 slate of titles for the PS VR2, PlayStation also shared that it is testing out the ability for players to access additional games on PC through the PS5.

No further information was shared, with a PlayStation blog post only stating that, “We hope to make this support available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.”


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