Samsung drip-feeds us information about its Galaxy Ring

  • Samsung finally revealed more information about its Ring although the information really just confirms suspicions about functionality.
  • The Ring will be available in multiple sizes which will determine the size of the battery within.
  • Details about pricing, availability, sensors and more are yet to be shared by Samsung.

We’re not saying that Samsung jumped the shark with the teasing of its Galaxy Ring earlier this year but the slow drip-feed of information the company is providing doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

During the first official day of MWC 2024 Samsung showed off its Galaxy Ring to media although per Engadget, media weren’t allowed to photograph the device. Per the publication, the Galaxy Ring will be available in sizes 5 through 13 and the size of the ring will determine the battery size. On that note, the battery will range from 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh.

How long those minuscule batteries will last is unclear but it will likely be decided by what the Ring can do.

“As a new addition to our wearables portfolio, Galaxy Ring will offer users an all-new way to simplify everyday wellness, empowering them with greater insights and more ways to understand themselves day and night. With Galaxy Ring, users can embrace an unrivalled experience during every step of their wellness journey, all while being delivered in lockstep with Samsung’s broader vision for a more connected, integrated and seamless digital wellness platform,” vice president and head of digital health at Samsung Electronics, Dr Hon Pak said in a press release.

The VP says that the Ring is designed for 24/7 wear but didn’t provide much more information about how many of those cycles will be possible on a single charge.

Health information gleaned by the ring will reportedly be made available through so-called Booster Cards that offer tips based on the data the Ring collects.

The Ring will need to be paired with a Samsung device to function according to Engadget although there are reportedly plans to make it work for other Android-powered smartphones in the future. As for iOS, as it stands Apple users will have to make do with an Oura or wait until Apple launches a smart ring.

The fact of the matter however is that Samsung isn’t inspiring much confidence in this Ring especially when considering it won’t let journalists photograph the thing.

If the device isn’t ready, that’s fair enough but then the firm should really have waited to announce it.

One other issue we have is that Samsung is tight-lipped on what features we can expect. Devices that promise to monitor your health are heavily regulated and as laws around these devices differ from country, the Ring may only see a limited release.

Hopefully Samsung shares more information as we get further into MWC 2024 but we’re not holding our breath.


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