Samsung heads to MWC 24 to flog its AI

  • Samsung’s presence at MWC 2024 is largely dedicated to its Galaxy AI.
  • The firm will showcase all of the things its AI tool can do including Generative Edit and Circle to Search.
  • The South Korean firm will also finally share more information about its mysterious Ring that it showed off at Unpacked earlier this year.

The first big release for Samsung for 2024 was its Galaxy AI. While the firm unveiled some new Galaxy S-series handsets, artificial intelligence was the big talking point during the first Unpacked for 2024.

While initially launched exclusively for the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI has started making its way to other handsets. Galaxy AI will come to as nine smartphones from the Samsung stable including the very pricey Fold and Flip.

However, we’re of the opinion that in order for Galaxy AI to pop off, Samsung needs to market it properly. Circle to Search for example, is just Google Lens with a UI upgrade so Samsung has to convince people that Circle to Search is something they need to use, lest it be forgotten by the time we arrive at the second Unpacked event for 2024.

So, Samsung has arrived at MWC 24 not to show off a new smartphone but seemingly to do some groundwork in marketing Galaxy AI. Throughout the week-long event, Samsung will showcase AI-powered features such as Note Assist, Generative Edit as well as non-AI features such as tracking for Sleep, Activity and Heart Rate. As silly as it may seem to head to a trade show with little but features powered by AI, it’s important for Samsung to champion these solutions and get people interested enough to use them. If it doesn’t, Galaxy AI could become Bixby.

There is however one other reason the South Korean firm is at MWC 24 – its ring.

Announced as a “one more thing” during Unpacked, the Samsung Ring is currently a mystery to everybody but the firm.

“Samsung will be displaying its intelligent health lineup at MWC, offering users even more personalized and seamless health experiences with the transformative power of AI, across even more devices. As part of this portfolio, Galaxy Ring is being unveiled as a new health form factor that simplifies everyday wellness, supporting smarter and healthier living via a more connected digital wellness platform — Samsung Health,” the firm said in a press release.

By the end of this week then we should know more about the Samsung Galaxy Ring, as we suspect it will be called. Whether the ring is more than a health status and fitness tracker however, remains to be seen but given the small dimensions we really aren’t expected more than health and fitness.

Smart rings are rather common but when it comes to quality the first name in these devices is Oura. The Oura Ring claims to track as many as 20 biometric signals but it appears as if the real moneymaker for the firm is its subscription service. While you can just use an Oura ring, it seems as if without a membership you get limited access to the ring’s features.

Whether Samsung will take a similar direction isn’t clear at this stage but we’ll be sure to update you when we learn more.


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