Twomad: an abrupt rise and cataclysmic fall

At just 23 years old, Canadian YouTuber Twomad, real name Muudea Sedik, was found dead at his Los Angeles home, according to a TMZ report. Authorities suspect the cause of death was an overdose due to drug paraphernalia present at the scene. Police were asked to check up on the creator by concerned members of his online community after he had not been heard from for several days.

According to his Discord account, his PC had been running Overwatch 2 for six days straight possibly indicating the length of time from his passing until his body was discovered. He had 2.18 million subscribers on his main YouTube account, despite having not published a video in around a year. He had a following of half a million on X.

Twomad broke into the mainstream around 2020 due to his unpredictable and eclectic videos and livestreams. In one he would be playing a game with commentary, in another he would be performing musical acts, pulling online pranks, reacting to memes, or streaming himself sleeping while his Twitch chat tried to wake him up with incredibly loud alarm bells, among many other things.

In a way, his videos were a precursor to the kind of bizarre influencer comedy enjoyed on social media today by Gen Z and younger users. The kind where you have no clue what’s going on unless you’re clued into the inside jokes.

He was part of an internet culture that included the likes of OnlyFans model Belle Delphine, where the biggest thing happening was gamer girl bath water. Just as abrupt and unexpected was his rise, so was his eventual falling out of mainstream appeal, which coincided with a series of sexual assault allegations levied against him.

In 2023, a fellow streamer going by the name Goldibell alleged that Twomad had sexually assaulted her and stalked her from 2021 to 2022. Goldibell presented apparent evidence of the acts in the guise of an apology video filmed by Twomad directed to her, as well as screenshots of text conversations between the two.

Meanwhile, Twomad landed himself in further muck when he made jokes about 16-year-old trans teen Brianna Ghey, who was murdered in an apparent hate crime. Twomad maintained his innocence about Goldibell, but was generally unbothered by the allegations, nor the criticism he was receiving for his tweets about Ghey.

After his passing, in a post on X, Goldibell called him a “terrible, terrible person and people tried to teach him how to properly dose his drugs because they knew he would do it anyway.”

“I’m not happy he’s dead. I’m not sad,” she said. “I feel terrible for his family.”

Further damning allegations were brought to the fore by fellow YouTuber Jameskii after Twomad’s passing, including that he had preyed on a 13-year-old in a mental hospital.

“Despite him trying to murder me and multiple innocent lives I’ve been trying to help law enforcement to make sure he’s safe, doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t harm anybody,” Jameskii wrote in a post.

In the weeks before his passing, Twomad has been posting images of assault rifles and handguns on X, without any explanation. Fans started growing concerned at this point, that he was planning to hurt himself or someone else.

Twomad’s media on X shows off recent posts including weapons.

His final video has him trolling random people as he apparently took over the official RadioShack account on Twitter, at that time. The comments are filled with users either celebrating or grieving over his demise.


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