When life gets hard on your tech, get an EVERKI hard case

It is a hard world out there for tech. Long falls, crushing landings, the ever-present danger of water and dust, careless kids and sometimes more careless adults. Thankfully expert bag maker EVERKI has an answer for this hard world in the form of hard cases,

EVERKI’s range of Hard Cases fits most models of tablets, notebooks, ereaders and similar devices giving them supreme protection thanks to a combination of high-density padded foam and EVA hard shells. EVERKI are pros at making safe bubbles for tech inside its backpacks, totes and bags, but these Hard Cases strip things down to give you the smallest possible footprint with the largest amount of protection.

Take the EKF842, EKF850, EKF871 and EKF880 Hard Case models for example. Made for different sizes of devices, each of these combine a soft, lush interior with a tough exterior to not only protect your devices, but look good at the same time. These models are also very compact and offer the perfect solution for those who like to pack light without sacrificing anything.

The EKF875 pictured below takes this idea and gives you more space with quick-access front stash pockets and a window you can personalise with items like ID cards or transit tickets. Not only is this perfect for travel but we love it for everyday use. We can see those two front pouches being perfect for a notebook charger and mouse and probably more because EVERKI is good at packing a lot of storage space into a small bag.

EVERKI Hard Cases and more can be found at your local retailer as well as online from your favourite shops like TakealotLootWootware and FirstShop. Not sure which Hard Case is best for you? Stay tuned because we’ll have another article shortly looking at each Hard Case and what it has to offer. Do you need a strap for shoulder carry or do you want to go even lighter with only a carry handle? Are you looking for EVERKI’s signature bright orange lining for easier location and security checks, or do you prefer something more simple? Check back soon and we’ll answer those questions.

For now, looking at those shopping EVERKI for the first time, take note of the company’s industry-leading limited lifetime warranty for original owners. EVERKI is serious about quality materials and top-notch manufacturing to ensure that each product is of the highest quality. All that work and attention to detail still makes tech protection that costs a fraction of what you’d pay to repair or replace your fragile devices, so it’s easy to look at your next EVERKI purchase as a small investment for the future.

On top of saving you money in this way, it also cuts down on the downtime you may experience sending a notebook, phone, or tablet out for repair. While some shops are offering one-day services like screen replacements, more complicated repairs take longer and leave you without an important piece of your life.


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