EcoFlow’s latest backup power solution is perfect for apartment owners

  • EcoFlow has today launched its new PowerStream solution in South Africa.
  • PowerStream is an easy-to-install solar power solution that is compatible with 99 percent of solar panels.
  • Pricing starts at R14 999 for a kit with no storage while a solution with a Delta Pro will cost R61 999.

For many South Africans, solar power is the best and potentially only way to escape loadshedding. Unfortunately, many citizens live in apartments or complexes which may not allow you to erect a solar power plant on your roof. Today EcoFlow introduces a backup power solution to that problem in the form of the PowerStream.

This is an expandable system that allows one to connect solar panels to a microinverter which simply plug into your wall. This means that with the PowerStream and enough batteries, you could run most appliances and electronics in your home off of solar power.

At the top end, the PowerStream can generate roughly 1 277kWh of energy annually assuming a maximum solar input of 800W.

EcoFlow says that the PowerStream system is compatible with 99 percent of solar panels. The firm also produces its own solar panels including portable, folding options that are perfect for small gardens or balconies. Just be sure to check the dimensions before buying.

“Home solar energy solutions play an increasingly important role in an age of frequent
energy crises, and that’s what inspired the EcoFlow PowerStream,” explains Bradley Chetty, key account director at EcoFlow South Africa.

“EcoFlow is committed to a future where everyone can care for their families and combat climate disasters, aging grids, and rising energy bills, and PowerStream is our first step towards that future,” Chetty adds.

The system is designed to be as easy as possible for folks to use and shouldn’t require an installation from an electrician. With that having been said, please be sure to read the installation manual properly before installing this system. There is always a risk of electrical shock when dealing with electricity, no matter how fool-proof the manufacturer makes those solutions.

The PowerStream solution without any storage will cost R14 999 as part of an early-bird special. This package includes the PowerStream microinverter, two 400W EcoFlow Rigid Solar Panels, one solar cable and an EcoFlow AC cable. You will need to add your own batteries or EcoFlow units in order to store the power you capture from the Sun.

For those who want a full solution, EcoFlow has just such an offer.

EcoFlow has a 3-kWh Storage kit which includes:

  • PowerStream microinverter,
  • EcoFlow Solar cable,
  • AC cable,
  • EB cable,
  • 2 x EcoFlow 400W Rigid Solar Panels,
  • EcoFlow Delta Pro.

This package will retail for R61 999 as part of an Early Bird special. Considering the EcoFlow Delta Pro costs R59 999 on its own, this is a rather good deal.

The Delta Pro has a maximum battery capacity of 3.6kWh and a maximum output of 4 500W. The power station also features Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries which can withstand more charge and discharge cycles before losing capacity, perfect for South Africans who need more than a lead-acid battery strapped to an inverter system.

We’ve had fantastic experiences with EcoFlow’s latest LFP power stations having tested both the Delta 2 and the River 2 Max. More than just the peace of mind they offer, these backup power solutions can just about be plugged in and forgotten about.

If you’re sick of loadshedding and want something that can assist you even when the power remains off after it was scheduled to return, consider the PowerStream or one of EcoFlow’s other backup power products. You won’t regret it.


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