Google I/O 2024 set for 14th May

  • Google has set the dates for this year’s I/O developer conference – 14th to 15th May.
  • The tech giant is expected to focus on AI, with improvements to its Gemini platform rumoured.
  • Google is also expected to showcase Android 15, as well as some new Pixel hardware.

If you are an Android developer, or simply a big fan of the ecosystem, Google I/O is the annual event you’ll likely be tuning into. For 2024, the event has been set for 14th to 15th May, Google confirmed in an X post this week.

While details on what the tech giant will be showcasing at the two-day long event are sparse right now, many expect the company to focus heavily on AI, especially given some of the issues related to its Gemini platform of late.

As such, Google really has to correct the course of its publicly available AI products, as both Gemini and Bard have made some serious errors. Hopefully, then a more reliable, accurate, and non-biased version will be showcased in mid-May.

Sticking with the software side of things, the usual focus on Android is expected for Google I/O, with the latest iteration of the mobile operating system, Android 15 likely set to be revealed to developers.

The same goes for Google’s other range of applications, like Gmail, Maps, Photos, and more, where AI could once again feature as a way to enrich or enhance the experience on those aforementioned offerings.

Lastly, on the hardware a new Pixel 8a smartphone is rumoured. It is a little difficult to get excited about the Pixel devices as they are not sold locally in any official capacity, but an announcement changing that would certainly be welcome for fans wanting a pure Android experience on mobile.

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