Hoverboard hype: A new vehicle arrives to lure players back to Destiny 2

  • An all-new Exotic vehicle is coming to Destiny 2 in the form of the Skimmer.
  • Players can use the Skimmer to perform “unique tricks” and grind rails throughout Destiny 2’s environments.
  • The vehicle hits Destiny 2 on Tuesday 5th March as part of Guardian Games: All-Stars.

Next week in Destiny 2 a new vehicle enters the game in the form of a hoverboard.

Bungie has christened the new vehicle the Skimmer and it’s arriving as part of the 2024 iteration of the class versus class competition, Guardian Games: All-Stars.

Thankfully this is a free event so all players whether they’re just starting the long grind that is Destiny or stalwarts such as ourselves, can earn the Exotic Skimmer. To do so, players must complete the quest, Drop In obtained from Eva Levante once Guardian Games: All-Stars goes live at the next weekly reset on Tuesday 5th March at 19:00 SAST.

“Another Skimmer, this one inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon, will be available in the in-game Eververse as well. Whichever style of Skimmer you prefer, you’ll be able to start grinding those space rails next week,” Bungie revealed in its weekly Destiny 2 update.

The Skimmer isn’t a Sparrow although it will occupy the same slot as a player’s Sparrow. At this stage, it isn’t clear whether players can switch between the two or will be forced to choose between the hoverboard or a Sparrow.

Not that this will be a tough choice for players as according to the developer, “This all-new vehicle type is the flashiest way to travel around the solar system, allowing players to perform unique tricks and grind rails as they ride through their favorite destinations.”

“Unlock your inner Sk8rboi Guardian” – Osiris probably. Source: Bungie

We’re quite excited to get our hands on this vehicle and grind around Neomuna as are many other players.

“Shocked the hoverboard is not behind a paywall (as it absolutely shouldn’t be). Like this will actually make me play the game after a 2 month break,” one player said in the r/DestinyTheGame sub-Reddit.

Truthfully, this sort of excitement is exactly what Destiny 2 needs right now. The game is currently experiencing a slump in the player population due to the fact that there is very little for players to do right now. Season of the Wish has all but concluded and there is now a massive gap in content given that The Final Shape expansion was delayed. That expansion was meant to launch this week before layoffs and a concern about quality lead to the release being delayed to 4th June.

Guardian Games: All-Stars may draw players back for its duration but the fact of the matter is that there are other, better games to be spending time on, especially if you’ve done all there is to in Destiny 2.

This may be concerning for Bungie as Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to be trying to shed weight. This week the firm announced it was laying off 900 employees. This included the shuttering of PlayStation Studio London entirely. With Bungie being the property of SIE, we’re sure the fact that the player base is so low, is causing sleepless nights for some at the studio. The developer has also allegedly told employees in the past that layoffs are a lever it will pull if it needs to.

Bungie is going to have to impress players and ultimately Sony when Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on 4th June. Let’s hope the developer can pull a rabbit out of several hats.

[Image – Bungie]


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