Ogilvy opens emerging tech academy for graduates

  • Ogilvy has announced an extension of its Graduate Programme in the form of the Creative Technology Academy.
  • This initiative will offer graduate training in the fields of Data Science, Web Development, UX Strategy, Game Design and AI.
  • As many as 44 graduates will participate in the Ogilvy Graduate Programme in 2024.

Over the last few years we’ve seen many new innovations in technology from cloud-based solutions to blockchain to the more recent adventures into artificial intelligence-based applications.

With so much development at such a rapid pace, graduates may emerge from their tertiary education with skills that aren’t honed for these new technologies. Enter Ogilvy.

The advertising, marketing and public relations firm has announced that it is launching an initiative it has dubbed the Creative Technology Academy. Through this initiative, Ogilvy hopes to support graduates by enhancing their digital and technological skills. The Creative Technology Academy is an extension of Ogilvy’s Graduate Programme, OG, which the firm has invested R20 million into helping 200 graduates find placement in the creative industry.

“We are exceptionally proud to announce the launch of the OG Programme’s new platform, powered by Creative Technology. This year, we will enable the development of 15 young talents with high potential. The OG CTA programme will provide these talented individuals with access to creative technology resources, mentorship, and tools, empowering them to advance their careers and build sustainable futures,” says Angela Madlala, chief people officer at Ogilvy South Africa.

“I am particularly excited for the 2024 cohort of 44 47* participants from across the Ogilvy South Africa Group. They will benefit greatly from learning from one another, drawing on their diverse backgrounds, skills, and unique talents. This interaction is expected to cultivate life-long friendships and career-support networks, continuing a tradition we’ve seen flourish in previous cohorts over the last decade.”

The Creative Technology Academy will offer specialised training in Data Science, Web Development, UX Strategy, Game Design and AI. The firm adds that this training will incorporate its existing creative processes so cohorts can apply their learnings practically. What’s more, these graduates will also have access to Ogilvy’s network, increasing the potential for them to find jobs.

“At Ogilvy, we are dedicated to shaping a future that embraces creative technology skills. As one of the largest agencies in our country, we believe that it’s our duty to invest in and uplift young people into our industry,” says Pete Case, chief executive officer and creative chairman at Ogilvy South Africa.

It’s not just the Ogilvy CEO that feels this way. Digital technologies have the potential to reshape our world, especially in emerging economies.

“Without access to the internet and the skills to use digital technologies effectively, you are essentially locked out of the modern world. The critical services that support development—like hospitals, schools, energy infrastructure, and agriculture—all run on connectivity and data. The infrastructure and platforms that underpin these connections must be available, affordable, and safe for developing countries to flourish,” Axel van Trotsenburg, Senior Managing Director at the World Bank said in a statement earlier this month.

Of course, this requires investment into digital infrastructure and digital education, the latter of which Ogilvy and others in the private sector appear to be embracing.

If this academy sounds interesting to you, Ogilvy is set to begin the academy this month and directs graduates to email khanyi[dot]pika[at]ogilvy[dot]co[dot]za.

*UPDATE: Ogilvy contacted Hypertext on 25th March to state that the cohort size is 47 and not 44 as previously stated.


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