The Toshiba Z670M is a TV built for gaming

When it comes to modern displays it seems like there is a distinct divide in the market: PC monitors are for gaming and TVs are for movies and TV. For those who want to use their TV for gaming then, they are usually stuck with devices which are not made with that application in mind. While gaming features and functionality have arrived in modern TVs, these are usually on the backburner. Thankfully one company is offering something different as Toshiba has built the Z670M from the ground up as a gaming display.

The Toshiba Z670M is a full 4K display boasting a resolution of 3840 X 2160 which means that modern consoles and higher end PCs can both push their max resolutions here. Not only that but the native 144Hz refresh rate makes this TV the full package for both high resolution and high framerates. Just a few short years ago a display – either TV or PC monitor – would offer you one or the other of these features, but seldom both with the few available priced very high. Now Toshiba brings you uncompromised performance in both avenues without breaking the bank.

This combination of resolution and refresh rate are backed up with a long list of features to improve the experience further. AMD FreeSync Premium ensures fluidity and kills stutter along with tearing, REGZA Power Audio Pro delivers outstanding 360 degree surround upscaling, Tru Bass Booster makes the thump of games even harder, and there’s even more you can see in the video below.

Managing all of the Z670M’s advanced display tech is the REGZA Engine ZRi – Toshiba’s new AI engine that makes use of machine learning algorithms to optimise both audio and visual depending on your specific use of this display.

This AI breakthrough allows for some amazing features such as the AI Picture Optimizer which analyses scenes on the fly to increase its picture quality. AI 4K upscaling even boosts content which isn’t natively 4K so you can even enjoy older content with modern quality.

But if you want finite control over your settings, look no further than the Game Deck quick options menu. This gives you instant access to many important settings on the fly so you can adjust settings without ever leaving your game. You can even get real-time information and status reports on key areas such as refresh rate and input lag. For console players this is a gamechanger as this type of detailed information used to be in the realm of PC gaming only. To have all that raw information and fine tuned settings right there in the TV’s default OS will bring even more parity between PC and console players.

When you need a break from gaming don’t forget that the Toshiba Z670M is still a killer TV for enjoying everything else. The wide viewing angle ensures everyone in the room gets to enjoy what’s on the screen and Dolby is another big name here with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for industry-leading visuals.

To get your own Toshiba Z670M, [CTA HERE]. Take your pick of 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch size options to fit your space needs and pack the most amount of gaming TV into your entertainment centre.


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