Toshiba Z670M: Made to game, built for everything

We recently brought you an article on the Toshiba Z670M a TV that was made from the beginning to offer the ultimate gaming experience. Today let us return to this impressive device to see just how well rounded it is, and how expertly it handles everything else on top of gaming.

As a quick refresher the Toshiba Z670M is a 4K (3840 X 2160) TV which you can find in huge offerings of 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch panels in South Africa from Rectron. It has a major focus on gaming with the super high refresh rate of 144Hz, AMD FreeSync Premium for tear-free visuals, on-the-fly settings control through Game Deck and much more. All focused on making TV gaming on par with even the highest end PC monitors.

With all this gaming might, movies, TV shows and other content aren’t left behind. Toshiba has worked tirelessly to make colour production spot on with ZR Color which can deliver a billion shades. Yes, billion, with a B. Blacks and whites receive similar love thanks to Full Array Local Dimming, a complex piece of tech that really ups the contrast to prevent the washed-out look of other displays that don’t implement it.

These features allow the Toshiba Z670M to perfectly replicate 4K content as its creators intended, but what about content that isn’t 4K? The AI 4K Upscaler can take Full HD content and smartly increase its resolution. This AI functionality is built into the core of this TV with the REGZA Engine ZRi AI engine, ensuring that smart functionality like upscaling is handled better than the rest.

While the Z670M is obviously a powerhouse when it comes to visuals, that doesn’t mean that Toshiba has overlooked audio. Here, just like visuals, you will find a suite of advanced tech to make listening better.

Take bass, for example. This isn’t just for certain kinds of music enjoyers as it’s an important part of the audio experience. For that, you can find the REGZA Bass System which uses Tru Bass Booster to not only make bass deeper, but also enrich its effect. It’s bass with all the depth and none of the annoying thump seen elsewhere.

Check out the image below which gives you a visual representation of ZR 360 Surround Upscaling. By combining Dolby Atmos with the ZR Algorithm from Toshiba, the Z670M can make audio feel truly 3D. This feature goes a long way towards increasing immersion as, just like in real life, sounds don’t just come from one direction like with most audio setups at home. Instead, feel these sounds from all corners of your home entertainment setup.

We particularly like this feature for spoken dialogue. Over the past few years, it seems that Hollywood has forgotten how sound engineering works and dialogue has suffered by becoming inaudible or unintelligible leaving watchers with fixes like turning the volume way too high or turning on subtitles. ZR 360Surround Upscaling helps with this problem by making it sound like voices come in from all directions, making them easier to understand.


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