Westcon-Comstor launches tool to address the data concerns of its partners

  • Westcon-Comstor has launched its Partner Insights tool for all of its channel partners around the world.
  • The tool can be used to track trends by geography, end user, product type and more.
  • Access to reliable, actionable data is something channel partners believe is key to unlocking their full business potential.

Earlier this month distributor Westcon-Comstor released its Bridging the Gap report. That report highlighted some of the problems the distributor’s partners faced including concerns about how data is gathered.

To address this concern, Westcon-Comstor has announced the release of Partner Insights, a tool that is said to give partners a holistic view of transactional data.

“We know from our research that many partners are wrestling with how to use the data they have at their fingertips to transform and grow their business, and our aim in launching Partner Insights is to help overcome these challenges,” Louise Taute, Managing Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa said in a press release.

The tool is available to all of the distributor’s partners globally and can be accessed through the online portal here.

Partners will be able to track trends by geography, end user, product type and more. This can be used to garner valuable insights and potentially even pave the way for artificial intelligence integration, automation and more. Key use cases outlined by the distributor include the ability to monitor how hardware versus software and services spend with Westcon-Comstor is evolving over time. Partners can also compare growth and performance by vendor against industry benchmarks.

“By providing a single source of truth for transactional data, we’re empowering partners to make more informed decisions, optimise their operations and compete effectively as they look to accelerate their journey to an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) future. We’re excited to be taking our data offering to the next level for our partners around the world,” Taute added.

We are interested to see how Partner Insights helps partners within the Westcon-Comstor ecosystem and how that data is utilised. The one issue we foresee is in instances where retailers use more than one distributor. If these distributors are using different data collation methods, that could prove problematic and complex for channel partners.

As we mentioned when Westcon-Comstor released its report, there should be an agreement within the distributor and partner ecosystem about how best to share data so as to streamline the process for all involved.

[Image – Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]


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