WeThinkCode_ upgrades qualification with NQF 6 accreditation

  • WeThinkCode_ now offers an NQF 6 Occupational Certificate: Software Engineer thanks to accreditation from the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.
  • This qualification level will assist graduates in finding employment at a wider number of employers.
  • The institution is currently persuing an NQF 7 accreditation.

Since launching in 2015, WeThinkCode_ has provided training for the youth seeking to enhance their digital skills. Today the institution has announced that it has been awarded an elevated accreditation level.

The institution can now offer an NQF 6 Occupational Certificate: Software Engineer thanks to accreditation from the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). This qualification signifies that a graduate from WeThinkCode_ will be able to design software to meet a client’s needs, design and manipulate databases, develop software that adds value to an organisation and test or debug source to ensure a client’s needs are met.

“We are immensely proud to announce the elevation of our qualification to an NQF 6 Occupational Certificate in Software Engineering for the incoming cohort of 2024,” stated Nyari Samushonga, CEO at WeThinkCode_.

“This accreditation outwardly validates the exceptional skills our graduates possess and the value they bring to tech-driven businesses. Our high placement rates over the past eight years speak volumes about the industry’s recognition and acceptance of our graduates’ capabilities and this boost in accreditation further validates the quality of our developers.”

With a better qualification in hand, WeThinkCode_ graduates are more likely to find employment.

The institution prides itself on empowering the South African youth and has gone so far as to develop its own curriculum and learning management system. Combined, WeThinkCode_ can train up individuals whether they have coding experience or not.

To further extend the reach of its graduates, WeThinkCode_ intends to continue upgrading the level of education it offers.

“We are committed to reshaping perceptions of where high-performing tech talent comes from and securing formal accreditation is key to legitimising our talent pipeline. We are now working to achieve NQF 7, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree,” Samushonga said.

We’re glad to see WeThinkCode_ on an upward trajectory and look forward to seeing just how much the institution can achieve.


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