Whispers tell of an Exotic’s return to Destiny 2: Into the Light

  • Whisper of the Worm has had many names in Destiny’s life span and it looks like it may be returning in a few weeks.
  • A leaked ornament for the weapon and mention of a returning Exotic mission has increased speculation that the Exotic will return with hopes that it will be craftable.
  • Players reckon the weapon and its associated mission, The Whisper, will return with Into the Light on 9th April

There is a weapon in Destiny 2 that has had many names. Black Hammer, Black Spindle, and more recently, Whisper of the Worm.

This weapon has not only seen many names, it has undergone multiple evolutions. When it first entered Destiny 2 it was able to generate ammunition from thin-air and quickly became a requirement for end-game content. Perhaps more iconic than the weapon, was how it was attained.

When Whisper of the Worm entered the Destiny 2 chat, it did so in secret. Before dataminers were scrubbing the game files for information, Bungie added a secret mission on Io which one player stumbled across by accident.

“This is probably stupid and has already been talked about but on Io I was doing public events and there was a taken portal that gave me the option to ‘enter the anomaly’. I entered it and there were a bunch of the explosive faction things but no enemies. I blew them up and got to the chest but I can’t open it cause I don’t have the key. It’s a 20 minute timer. I’m just curious what it is cause I’ve never had this before. Also the lost sector is the grove of ulan-tan,” an innocent inquiry on Reddit read.

What the player had discovered was Bungie’s first secret mission in Destiny 2 and the reward for completing it was Whisper of the Worm, the Exotic sniper rifle that generated ammo from thin air.

Since Bungie destroyed Io and several other destinations and activities with the poorly planned sunsetting, The Whisper mission has been unavailable although one could purchase the weapon associated with that weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights at the Tower.

However, there is now an increasing amount of evidence suggesting that The Whisper and Whisper of the Worm are returning to Destiny 2.

The first evidence is the discovery of ornament for the weapon in the Destiny 2 API. This ornament has never been available in the game and suggests that Bungie is preparing to sell the ornament alongside the re-launch of The Whisper.

This ornament has been a known quantity for a while now but on Tuesday while showcasing the weaponry coming in Into the Light on 9th April, an exotic mission was mentioned.

The developer will share more information about which mission and reward will be returning to Destiny 2 on Tuesday at 19:00 SAST on Twitch for the third and final Into the Light Showcase.

Given that both Dead Man’s Tale and Dead Messenger returned as craftable weapons, we are curious as to whether Whisper of the Worm will receive the same treatment. It would make sense given that a craftable Exotic has become synonymous with “secret” missions of late.

With that in mind, there is good reason to suspect that, like Crota’s End, The Whisper will contain a few surprises and a sharp increase in difficulty compared to the original mission. Of course, the power creep in Destiny 2 has been monumental so difficulty here is likely to be subjective.

Into the Light arrives on 9th April and introduces a new horde mode in Onslaught which will reward players with returning weapons that include The Recluse, Mountaintop, Midnight Coup, Edge Transit and more. The content drop is meant to act as a stop gap between Season of the Wish and the launch of the finale in Destiny 2’s Light versus Darkness saga, The Final Shape which arrives on 4th June.


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