Bankmed clients can now take advantage of RecoMed’s e-Pharmacy

  • RecoMed’s digital health platform forms the basis of Bankmed’s new e-Pharm solution.
  • With e-Pharm, Bankmed members can easily order medication for delivery and book an appointment with a doctor.
  • While exclusive to Bankmed members, RecoMed operates a similar solution for anybody with or without medical aid.

The digital healthcare market has been growing in recent years and its set to continue that trajectory for the foreseeable future. Firms such as RecoMed are already making waves locally and this week it announced a new collaboration it has been working on.

That firm has collaborated with Bankmed which, as the name suggests, provides medical cover tailored for those working in the banking sector, to build out a digital health solution for members. Last month the medical aid firm launched e-Pharm, a way for members to access medication through a digital portal.

Through e-Pharm, Bankmed customers can upload a prescription and have the relevant medication delivered by Dis-Chem the next day or they can collect in-store after paying online. The solution is made possible by RecoMed which white-labels its platform so that other firms can incorporate the technology into their business.

“Our goal is to continue partnering with pharmacies and healthcare service providers, such as Bankmed, to create increasingly innovative digital health solutions for South Africans,” says Sheraan Amod, founder and RecoMed’s chief executive officer. “We can partner with any institution to create a health solution that fits their customers, market and strategic objectives.”

Through Bankmed’s e-Pharm, customers can also book Personal Health Assessments and vaccinations. It’s an additional layer of convenience that customers are reportedly embracing. The medical aid firm says that since launching in March it has seen an increasing number of members using the platform to order their medication.

“We believe in using innovation to enhance our members’ wellbeing,” says Dr Dalen Alexander, Bankmed’s Wellness and Innovations manager. “Our RecoMed-powered booking portal is such a success, making the move to transform member access to prescriptions as the next logical step. We are constantly focusing on ways in which we can use digitisation to improve health and RecoMed is consistently providing us with the tools we need to do so.”

Bankmed members can access the e-Pharm solution here.

For those on a different medical aid or none at all, RecoMed has its e-Pharmacy solution that can be accessed here. Through this portal you can have medication delivered but you can also find and book an appointment with a medical professional near you. It’s a great tool if you’ve just moved to a new area or want to find a new doctor.

As we mentioned, the digital health market is set to grow with revenue from the sector expected to generate $831.2 million in 2024. In the next four years, the market is expected to generate over $1 billion in revenue according to Statista Market Insights.

With that in mind, expect to see a lot more telehealth and digital health platforms launching.

[Image – Steve Buissinne from Pixabay]


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