Bolt Business introduces coupons for employee travel in SA

  • Bolt Business has announced that it is launching a new coupons feature in South Africa.
  • The coupons are specifically designed for businesses wanting to cover the cost of travel for certain trips made by their employees.
  • The coupons will split or fully cover the cost of a single ride.

Bolt Business has announced a new feature that may be of interest to organisations that have employees that do a lot of travel locally. This as it is introducing coupons in South Africa for the local iteration of its  on-demand transport platform.

This new offering is said to enable companies to share or fully cover the cost of a single ride for their employees and clients, which could prove particularly helpful when it comes to business travel.

“Part of the Bolt Business platform, Coupons cater to various business travel needs, including transport to company events, employee benefits packages, and enhancing client satisfaction. This innovative offering is now available to all Bolt Business client companies across South Africa,” the company noted in a release shared with Hypertext.

Unpacking how it works, when a Bolt Business customer is issued a coupon, the recipient receives a unique code via email, which they can then redeem within the Bolt app.

Businesses can choose from three type of coupon:

  • Unlimited Coupons allow unlimited rides within a specified spending limit,
  • Percentage Coupons offer a set percentage discount on rides up to a certain amount,
  • Fixed Amount Coupons provide a fixed discount amount for each trip.

“Coupons can be utilised for any mode of business travel facilitated by Bolt Business. Customers have the flexibility to control the discount level and redemption time frame, ensuring tailored support for their travel requirements,” the release pointed out.

“Moreover, businesses can easily track coupon usage and access comprehensive data through the Business Account, simplifying reporting and billing processes,” it continued.

Local organisations can head to the Bolt Business website to find out more about this new offering, as well as sign up for the platform.

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