Commvault buys Appranix in bid to bolster cloud security offering

  • Commvault has bought another cloud security firm in Appranix.
  • With Appranix’s technology, Commvault says it can speed up the recovery of companies after they have undergone a cyberattack.
  • Appranix’s staff will soon join Commvault, as well as the company’s cybersecurity offerings.

In major acquisition news for the South African cloud computing space, hybrid cloud cybersecurity provider Commvault has purchased Appranix, another cloud security firm in a bid to bolster its security offerings for enterprises. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed.

As per an announcement issued on Wednesday, Commvault will be joining its capabilities with the next-generation technology that Apparanix is offering.

“Complete cyber resilience is an aspirational goal for most enterprise customers. This acquisition makes cyber resilience-at-speed a reality by extending automated rebuild capabilities to distributed and dynamic cloud applications,” explained Archana Venkatraman, research director, Cloud Ops and Cloud Data Management, IDC.

According to research from Sophos, recovering from a ransomware attack is sometimes 10 times more expensive than paying the ransom to the cybercriminals who attacked you. And this figure is almost doubling every year due to improvements in company systems and their increasing complexities as it is lengthy and expensive to slowly recuperate systems that are offline.

Commvault says Appranix’s services can aid companies recover from downtime as the company automates all dependencies necessary to build critical cloud applications, including networking, DNS configuration, application load balancing, security group access and more.

This can help reduce the time it takes an enterprise to rebuild its cloud infrastructure after a cyberattack from days or weeks to hours, and in some cases minutes, or so Commvault claims. Appranix’ technology is already on offer on the AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure marketplaces.

“We are taking resilience to the next level by marrying Commvault’s extensive risk, readiness, and recovery capabilities with Appranix’s next-generation cloud-native rebuild capabilities,” enthuses Sanjay Mirchandani, president and CEO of Commvault, pictured above.

“Joining the Commvault family is a thrilling and natural next step for Appranix as we jointly change the market,” said Govind Rangasamy, Appranix founder and CEO.

“We share a common vision to go beyond traditional backups and disaster recovery. Our combined technologies will offer comprehensive, unmatched resilience capabilities for businesses globally.”

The Appranix team will join Commvault soon and the integration of Appranix’s technology into Commvault’s portfolio is expected to be completed by this summer, the announcement says.

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