Destiny’s boss gauntlet will reward Raid Exotics

  • The Pantheon will feature eight bosses from the currently available Destiny 2 Raids.
  • Players will have to battle bosses with a Power disadvantage but stand to earn Adept weapons and more importantly Raid exotics.
  • The Pantheon will be available from 30th April to 3rd June.

The mood within the Destiny 2 community is at an all-time high following a great preview of The Final Shape and the spectacular launch of Onslaught.

Bungie is not done with content for the gap between now and the launch of its finale expansion for Destiny 2. On 30th April another free activity will become available for all players in the Pantheon. The activity will leave Destiny 2 on 3rd June.

“It involves not only a gauntlet of raid boss encounters currently available in the game, but also a few twists on how to approach them. We are keeping some details close to the chest, including the list of enemies that you will face, but since you are all eager to know more about it… The goal of Pantheon is to relive those incredible and heroic moments that raids always deliver, while also changing what you expect from some of the encounters many of you already know so well. Prepare to be nimble, adapt your strategies (or throw them out of the window), and your fireteam will find success,” Bungie wrote in a blog this week.

The developer says that the activity will scale in difficulty every week that it is live. The Pantheon will start with players facing four Raid bosses and increase each week until players face eight bosses in a row. Each time a new boss is added the power cap will be changed. In the first week players will be 5 Power levels below enemies but by the final week this will increase to 20 Power levels below enemies. This means that players will essentially be facing eight bosses, back to back, in Contest Mode.

“As difficulty goes up, so does the pool of available rewards. You can get Adept raid weapons, Deepsight versions of raid weapons, and even Exotic weapons. Some rewards are weekly and others are linked to pursuits or Triumphs (like the four new emblems), but many will also depend on your performance. We challenge you to complete each encounter before the bonus timer expires to get a Platinum score and the greatest rewards,” the developer shared.

In addition to this official information we also have some information gleaned from Destiny 2’s API.

Here be spoilers

X user Harry Bunchonumbers shared some information about the Pantheon based on his findings in the API.

According to Bunchonumbers, the Pantheon is likely to drop Spoils of Conquest which we hope is true because we need to farm those.

More importantly, the Exotic weapons mentioned by Bungie appear to be Exotic weapons. As per the API, these may be:

  • Eyes of Tomorrow (Deep Stone Crypt),
  • Touch of Malice (Kings Fall),
  • Collective Obligation (Vow of the Disciple),
  • Conditional Finality (Root of Nightmares),
  • One Thousand Voices (The Last Wish).

If this is accurate, the Pantheon may be a nice way to round out your collection of Raid Exotics if you’re up to the challenge of Contest Mode and have a team with a similar attitude.

The bosses that players will face include:

  • Golgoroth (Kings Fall),
  • The Caretaker (Vow of the Disciple),
  • Zo’aurc, Explicator of Planets (Root of Nightmares),
  • Atraks-1 (Deep Stone Crypt),
  • Oryx (Kings Fall),
  • Rhulk (Vow of the Disciple).

Two bosses are missing from that list and given both the Exotics on offer and the locations mentioned in the post linked above, we suspect those bosses are Nezarec and Riven. We look forward to dread the prospect of having to redo the final fight with Riven again.


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