Disney+ could add dedicated streaming channels to its platform

  • According to a report by The Information, Disney+ may turn to dedicated streaming channels for its platform in the future.
  • The streaming channels would focus on niche content like Star Wars or Marvel Studios.
  • The addition of the new offering would be an attempt to keep users on Disney+ for longer.

While Disney+ readies to implement its crackdown on password sharing, the platform has another issue it is reportedly contending with – keeping users engaged and streaming for longer. It is why Disney+ could soon launch dedicated streaming channels on its platform similar to those featured on a set-top box or decoder.

This according to a report by The Information (subscriber wall), which suggests that the addition of streaming channels would keep users on Disney+ once they’ve watched a specific piece of content instead of switching over to another streaming platform.

While the idea sounds a lot like the model that many entertainment companies had prior to streaming disrupting the industry, it looks like Disney+ may use some of its exclusive content to anchor the new channels.

To that end, we could see a channel purely dedicated to Star Wars or one for Marvel Studios. Regarding both properties, Disney has a mix of live-action blockbuster films, animated series, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more to place on a deviated streaming channel, so the idea does make some sense.

It could therefore serve as a way for users to tune in and simply leave on play, especially if there were for example, marathons of all nine Star Wars movies running monthly, or having all the Avengers films back-to-back in chronological order on weekends.

As Engadget points out, we cannot forget about the other vast amounts of content available to Disney+ thanks to the likes of FOX being in its stable. A 24/7 Simpsons channel could do quite well for instance.

The same goes for all the ESPN documentaries that are on the platform, not to mention having streaming channels focused solely on shows from Hulu or FX, with the latter featuring the likes of Shogun, The Bear, Atlanta, Snowflake, and more in its library.

While this remains a report for now, if Disney+ is indeed concerned with keeping users on its platform for longer, dedicated streaming channels could be the answer, if executed well.


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