Google Cloud wants to power the next generation of AI startups

  • Google highlighted the number of startups that are using its Cloud infrastructure to develop generative AI tools and platforms.
  • The company did so at its annual Google Cloud Next event.
  • More than 60 percent of all funded generative AI startups are said to be Google customers.

If you are a startup specialising in generative AI, Google wants you to know that it should be your only port of call when it comes to developing new tools and platforms.

The company kicked off its annual Google Cloud Next 24 event today, and looked to specifically highlight the role that it is playing when it comes to the most exciting AI startups on the planet.

In fact, it highlighted more than 25 AI startups that are making use of the Google Cloud infrastructure, and for those organisations wanting to be on the bleeding edge, the company is naturally pointing to its own ecosystem as the place to be.

To that end, it noted that more than 60 percent of all funded generative AI startups are Google Cloud customers. Added to this, nearly 90 percent of the current generative AI unicorns, namely those startups valued at over $1 billion, are its customers too, according to Google.

One of the key areas that Google is aiming to empower AI startups is with processing power thanks to a GPU-focused partnership involving NVIDIA.

We already know of the disruptive impact that the Taiwanese silicon maker is having in the AI space in recent years, and now Google is offering solutions like A3 VM powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, which are purpose-built to train generative AI workloads.

“To provide more startups with fast-tracked access to this technology, we’re launching a new partnership between the Google for Startups Cloud Program and NVIDIA Inception. NVIDIA Inception is a free program for startups that offers its more than 18,000 members technology expertise, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Course credits, access to NVIDIA hardware and software, and other benefits,” Google announced.

“This new partnership will provide an accelerated path to use Google Cloud infrastructure and access to Google Cloud credits for early-stage members using NVIDIA GPUs, as well as software for testing or production on Google Cloud. We are also offering new go-to-market and product support for Inception members and fast-tracked onboarding to Google Cloud Marketplace,” it continued.

With many big tech firms aiming to get their generative AI platforms in the hands of enterprise customers and consumers alike, it looks like Google wants them to build new offerings via its Cloud infrastructure in particular.


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