Google is bringing Gemini to BigQuery

  • Google has announced that the public preview of Gemini is now available in BigQuery.
  • The announcement came at Google Cloud Next 24, where AI was a key focus of the company.
  • Gemini will specifically look to bring AI-powered features that enhance productivity and optimise costs throughout the analytics lifecycle.

Unsurprisingly AI has been the big focus at Google Cloud Next 24, which kicked off earlier today. At the event, the big tech firm announced several new features and tools available to Cloud customers, including the integration of Gemini within the BigQuery ecosystem.

More specifically Gemini is now available in public preview for BigQuery.

Google says it will provide AI-powered features that enhance user productivity and optimise costs throughout the analytics lifecycle. This will include from the data ingestion phase and pipeline creation in a bid to derive more valuable insights, according to Google.

The company’s 2024 Data and AI Trends Report highlighted that 84 percent of data leaders believe that generative AI will help their organisation reduce time-to-insight, and 80 percent agree that the lines of data and AI are starting to blur.

This is why the addition of Gemini in BigQuery is seen as an important integration.

“What makes Gemini in BigQuery unique is its contextual awareness of your business through access to metadata, usage data, and semantics. Gemini in BigQuery also goes beyond chat assistance to include new visual experiences such as data canvas, a new natural language-based experience for data exploration, curation, wrangling, analysis, and visualization workflows,” it highlighted in a release shared with Hypertext. 

“Gemini in BigQuery capabilities extend to query recommendations, semantic search capabilities, low-code visual data pipeline development tools, and AI-powered recommendations for query performance improvement, error minimization, and cost optimization. Additionally, it allows users to create SQL or Python code using natural language prompts and get real-time suggestions while composing queries,” it continued.

Along with the addition to BigQuery, Gemini is also making its way to Looker via private preview, which the company says will enable business users and analysts to “chat with their business data”.

“Gemini in Looker capabilities include conversational analytics, report and formula generation, LookML and visualization assistance, and automated Google slide generation. What’s more, these capabilities are being integrated with Workspace to enable users to easily access beautiful data visualizations and insights right where they work,” Google added.


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