Heineken and HMD made a flip phone – The Boring Phone

  • Alcoholic beverage maker Heineken is getting into consumer electronics by launching The Boring Phone.
  • The feature flip phone was made in collaboration with HMD and streetwear retailer Bodega.
  • The Boring Phone has no internet connectivity, or access to social media applications, but you can play Snake on it.

We have The Boring Company, and we have The Nothing Phone, but now The Boring Phone is a thing.

No, it is not some weird collaborative effort from Elon Musk and Carl Pei, but rather the brainchild of alcoholic beverage maker Heineken, which has launched The Boring Phone in collaboration with HMD and streetwear retail marketplace Bodega.

This new device is not a feature phone by any stretch, as it does not have any form of internet connectivity, nor does it support social media applications, and emails are out of the question. The reason behind this, along with the nostalgic flip phone design, is so those who own the device aren’t distracted and can engage more with those they go out with.

“The limited run of ‘dumb’ phones – specifically designed to have reduced tech capabilities – has been created to encourage people to enjoy better real-life connections on nights out by disconnecting from their smartphones,” explains Heineken in a blog post.

“With smartphones becoming so advanced and interesting to the user, it’s easier than ever to connect to the online world but harder to stay in the moment. Produced by European mobile innovator, Human Mobile Devices (HMD), the Heineken x Bodega Boring Phone strips back the distractions of today’s smartphones. Designed to deliver the basics needed for a great night out, the phone’s primary function is to send and receive calls and text messages,” it adds.

The Boring Phone is therefore limited to two specific features – making/receiving phone calls and sending/receiving SMSes. Little else is known about the specifications, but given that the device was made in collaboration with HMD, it may be similar to some of the feature flip phones the company has sold in recent years, like the Nokia 2720 Flip.

Sticking with HMD, we could see more of these one-off or limited edition type devices down the line, as the company recently announced that it would be opening up selected phone designs to developers to create their own smartphones.

It is unclear at the time of writing as to how you can get your hands on this limited edition device (only 5 000 units being made), but you can register your interest in the Boring Phone at the bottom of its landing page, here.


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