iiDENTIFii partners with Tarsus to extend its reach

  • Tarsus Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with biometric technology company iiDENTIFii.
  • This will put the firm’s biometric technology in front of more businesses that may not have considered the benefits of biometric verification.
  • Biometrics are being embraced by more consumers as it offers both security and convenience.

Johannesburg-based value-added distributor, Tarsus Distribution has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Cape Town-based biometric technology firm iiDENTIFii.

The biometric technology firm boasts a high-profile client list including Absa, Glencore, and Investec among others. iiDENTIFii’s enterprise-grade solutions include its 4D Liveness detection and it claims its solutions are resilient to both deepfakes and digital replay attacks. The technology has won the firm numerous awards including an MTN App of the Year aware and a KPMG Tech Innovator of the year award.

Importantly, iiDENTIFii’s technology is able to accurately identify individuals across various ethic groups, an important feature in a country as diverse as South Africa.

With this distribution agreement, iiDENTIFii hopes to more businesses that may not be aware of its offering.

“Collaborating with Tarsus Distribution opens a breadth of opportunities for us. It’s akin to plugging into an external marketing partner that will propel our solutions in front of the right audience. Tarsus not only amplifies our market reach but also possesses an understanding of our technology, ensuring it reaches the appropriate channel partners. Their role as a distributor has a multiplier effect on our ability to connect with key markets across Africa,” says founder of iiDENTIFii and chief executive officer, Gur Geva.

The exclusive distribution agreement also gives Tarsus Distribution and its partner network a new product offering. As a key partner for multiple tier 1 banks in Africa, the iiDENTIFii solution is likely to be one that those looking to deploy biometric verification are looking for.

“This partnership is set to benefit large enterprises requiring robust biometric verification by leveraging technology that’s tailored for the African demographic. The uniqueness of iiDENTIFii’s solution lies in its algorithm’s capability to recognise and understand the diverse facial features found across the continent, making it a ground breaking tool for organisations aiming to enhance security and user experience while addressing the critical issue of bias in identity verification,” says Alan Hawkins, general manager of Enterprise Solutions at Tarsus Distribution.

Biometric technology can be incredibly secure thanks to the unique characteristics of every person. The iris of the eye and fingerprints are markers that can be used to verify a person is who they say they are. The applications for biometrics are also becoming more pervasive, especially in South Africa.

As reported by Straits Research, consumer mindset about biometrics is shifting and folks recognise the benefits of solutions that use biometrics. Being able to access your banking apps with a facial scan instead of a password is not only secure, it’s convenient as well.

We suspect that with this distribution agreement, we’ll start seeing more of iiDENTIFii’s solutions being deployed by businesses before too long.

[Image – Tumisu from Pixabay]


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