Inside at all times: Xiaomi AIoT cameras are here to protect homes, school, businesses and more in SA

We recently brought you an introduction to the automated, Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) surveillance that Xiaomi is offering South Africans for less and we ended off on a promise to return for a closer look at these great devices, so today let us make good on that promise.

Let’s look at three cameras today that are all available right now for indoor use to bring you the peace of mind that you deserve.

The first of these is the Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 with its RRP of R899. Available now from mistore.africaTakealotYuppiechef and Incredible, you may already be surprised at just how little you need to pay for this camera.

Security cameras were once only for the independently wealthy or corporations who could justify it as a business expense, and now you can outfit larger homes, schools or businesses with multiple Xiaomi Smart Camera C200s without breaking the bank.

This feat is even more impressive as the C200 is packing so much more tech compared to the dinosaur security camera options of years past. This starts with the clear 1920X1080 recording resolution that can cover a full 360 degrees thanks to the in-built rotation options.

This rotation also makes use of AI human detection to detect and follow humans while ignoring non-human movement such as pets. While all the Xiaomi Smart Cameras have this futuristic feature, you get it here, even on the most affordable option.

The C200 is the perfect choice for those who want full HD, 1080P recording, but we can crank the resolution higher with the 2K recording prowess of the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300. While its RRP is slightly higher at R1 199, you are getting more bang for your buck, and it is also available from  mistore.africaTakealotYuppiechef and Incredible.

The resolution of 2304X1296 is even more detailed which really comes in handy where it matters most, such as the enhanced colour night vision for low light and in the baby monitoring mode – both times where every extra pixel counts.

Our last spotlight indoor device today is the Xiaomi Smart Camera C400 which you can get for an RRP of R1 499 from mistore.africaTakealotYuppiechef and Incredible.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera family. From left to right: the C200, C300 and C400.

The C400 represents yet another increase in the recording resolution, now giving you 2.5K results. The 2304X1296 resolution is unbeatable in clear security footage capture and provides recordings that are the closest to real life.

While each of the three cameras above offer you something different, they all share the same Xiaomi Smart Camera and some key features such as the small and modern design of the chassis which only looks great and works with any décor, but also allows for mounting anywhere you want. Place it on tables for a ground-level view, sideways on walls to cover a certain area or even from the roof for the classic surveillance camera layout.

All of these cameras are also united by the Mi Home app which gives you instant control and footage access right from your phone or tablet. This can be your personal security hub or just one arm of your smart home / school / business, all controlled through one app. Pick up more from the wide range of Xiaomi smart appliances and even Robot Vacuums to expand your smart spaces today.

With compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, voice control (in addition to app control), several footage storage options and more, it really is astounding how the home of the future arrived when we weren’t looking with Xiaomi Smart Cameras to keep it safe.

What about the outside?

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200, C300 and C400 are all designed for indoor use but Xiaomi hasn’t forgotten about the importance of also having surveillance presence outside.

That’s where two more devices come into play: the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 (available from mistore.africa, Takealot, Yuppiechef and Incredible) and the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 (also available from mistore.africa, Takealot, Yuppiechef and Incredible.).

Both of these cameras are designed for permanent outdoor use with dust and water resistance, weather hardening, night vision and more, all while retaining the smart functionality and modern design that makes them perfect for installation just about anywhere.

We will have a separate story on these outdoor offerings soon, so check back to Hypertext in the coming days.


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