Redmi Note 13 Series: Mid-range is where the real phone magic is happening

Tech enthusiasts know that, just a few years ago, having certain features on your new phone meant shelling out tens of thousands of Rands for the privilege. On top of these insanely high prices – which could also buy you a car or many months of rent – early adoption usually means tech that maybe didn’t always work as intended or outright broke.

These days most people chalk this up to the “early adopters tax” and while this is still true to a certain extent for certain manufacturers of certain devices, the expensive edge of tech has grown boring. Most big release cycles see marginal upgrades that many people won’t ever feel or meaningfully use and the high prices these recycled devices demand seem more and more unearned.

Look past the high-end of phones and the truth is that all the exciting stuff is happening in the mid-range. This is because of two big reasons: a wealth of features in the mid-range and price.

In terms of features there are many that used to be only in the realm of the high-end: AMOLED screens with high refresh rates, camera megapixel counts in the three digits, in-screen fingerprint sensors, high-wattage charging and large batteries that can last a day and still be charged up in minutes with those faster chargers.

Keen Hypertext viewers will know that all those features are present in the new range of Redmi Note 13 Series devices whose tech specs we reported on recently. Look back at those specs it is hard to believe that these are mid-range champions and not high-end ponies that are asking car / rent money prices.

Speaking of prices, we also brought you a guide to the best way to buy the Redmi Note 13 Series which is through the big name in South African service providers, Vodacom. Vodacom has put together not only great deals on contracts to get your new Redmi Note 13 Series over 36 months, but also freedom to enhance your contract to turn it into a bundle.

Get the Redmi Note 13 for just R329 per month, the Redmi Note 13 Pro for R429 per month and the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G for only R699 per month. Then turn these into a bundle for just R9 extra per month for a smart wearable or an extra R29 per month for a smart appliance or Robot Vacuum.

Before we wrap up today we have to check out these two action shots captured on the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G just recently in March 2024. As avid photographers we know all too well that anything moving fast is a major headache when trying to get good pictures. Instead of ending up with a short for your portfolio, it usually results in a blurry mess.

That’s not the case here. The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G managed to catch great pictures like this thanks to its millions of pixels captured by the 200MP+8MP+2MP triple camera array and features such as optical image stabilisation (OIS), electronic image stabilization (EIS), lossless zoom and more that photographers will love to dig into.

This is just another example of how flagship-level experiences are happening in the mid-range, and we love it.


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