Samsung Galaxy S24 is the fastest there is on 5G

  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has shown the fastest overall 5G internet speeds worldwide even when compared to the iPhone 15 and older Galaxy models.
  • This is according to speed tester Ookla, which collects internet speed test data from users worldwide.
  • 5G speeds with the Galaxy 24 were the fastest across North America and Africa, and many Asian countries.

Different smartphones offer different speeds when connecting to 5G, and usually, the latest phones are the fastest. This has proven true again as worldwide results rankings from internet speedtester Ookla has shown that the fastest smartphone on 5G is the Samsung Galaxy S24 and those of its series, which launched earlier this year.

Despite the many real-world benefits that 5G brings, like making the mining industry safer, for example, smartphone manufacturers are usually where most people will see the two letters that denote the fifth generation of mobile connectivity. These companies use 5G as an add-on to sweeten up their marketing, and as a reason to upgrade their device.

5G technology is still quite nascent, despite its growing pervasiveness. You can now find 5G connectivity across most developed nations on Earth, and many developing countries too.

When compared to smartphones in the iPhone 15 family, and even previous Galaxy S series devices, like the S23 and S22, the Galaxy S24 series of devices is convincingly where you will find the fastest 5G speeds in the world.

It has seen the fastest median download speed across Asian nations like India and Indonesia, the fastest in North America, and in the Middle East and Africa region.

In North America, the Galaxy S24 handily beats all comers with a median download speed of 306.90 Mbps, with an average latency of 46ms. Its closest competition is the iPhone 15 series, which offers 272.99 Mbps.

“Users of older Samsung device models in the United States may want to switch to one of the newer models to capitalize on the faster 5G speeds offered by S24 devices, though speeds were strong for all device families in this study,” Ookla says of speeds in North America.

But what about speeds in developing nations or on continents like Africa? Well, the good news is that even African countries that were late to the 5G party, like Nigeria – which only saw a year after it launched in South Africa – are seeing impressive speeds. And most impressive are those on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

In Nigeria, the S24 still comes out on top when compared to the iPhone 15 and earlier Galaxy device families. The Galaxy S24 defeats the iPhone 15 on median download speeds with 5G at 383.97Mbs and latency as low as 34ms.

In comparison, the iPhone 15 offers 346.92Mbps, with similar latency.

“For users who like to have the latest gear and/or want the new features offered by the S24 lineup, upgrading is certainly worth considering. But with fast 5G speeds in general, users on any of the device families we looked at should see a quick download experience in general,” the company explains of tests in Nigeria.

Ookla says that the data was collected from users who test their internet using Ookla speed tests online, so that data is independently generated, and only collected and ranked by Ookla.


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