Upgrade your style with the HONOR Magic V2

The smartphone market has become a highly competitive industry in recent years, with several top-tier brands offering devices that hold similar features, hardware, and specifications. 

This intense competition has left smartphone users to consider other factors when choosing which device is best suited for them – the outer aesthetic of the device. How the smartphone looks and feels in the hand plays great importance in the buying habits of consumers. 

According to a study by Scientific Research, visual aesthetics create significant value for products and make them more appealing. Differentiation in colours, weight, sleek design and comfortability when using the device have shown to be some of the key factors that impact a consumer’s decision on their preferred choice of smartphone brand.

Over the years, global smart device leader HONOR has proven its efficacy as a jack-of-all-trades in the technology space – leading the sprint with its AI-driven offerings that redefine the way people use and interact with smartphones. 

The HONOR Magic V2 flagship is no exception – not only does the device contain trailblazing technology, but it also holds all that processing in a sleek, minimalistic design that can go with any user’s personal aesthetic.

The HONOR Magic V2 becomes the perfect carry-on accessory to suit any style and outfit because of the following features: 

The world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable

The first foldable device known to “usher in the millimetre era”, the HONOR Magic V2 measures 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when unfolded. Not only does this device offer a sleek and thin form, but it weighs in at an impressive 231g, meaning the Magic V2 is big enough to offer an incomparable viewing experience but also compact enough to seamlessly fit in a handbag, jeans pocket or even to carry around in hand without comprising the user’s comfortability.  

First-of-its-kind reinforced hinge

While a major concern for some users regarding foldable phones may be the visible seam, which can lead to an unappealing look, the HONOR Magic V2 features a nearly invisible crease thanks to a reimagined gearless hinge specifically developed by HONOR.

The Super-Light Titanium Hinge is SGS certified, offering shaft cover strength that is 150 percent stronger than competitor devices. There are no visible creases when unfolded due to the suspended water-drop support of the hinge – meaning users can show off their HONOR Magic V2 in style without the worry of unsightly wrinkles.

Black vegan leather back – A nod to sustainability

For those who adhere to style that is eco-conscious, the HONOR Magic V2 is the device for them. Available in a vegan black leather back that combines sleek, minimalistic style with sustainability – because every style-conscious individual needs a Little Black Case in their arsenal of accessories.

Offering a touch of class and elegance, the Magic V2 is designed to be the perfect accessory for an important business meeting, or even at a fancy dinner setting with a partner. 

An unbeatable display

Featuring an extraordinary configuration, both inside and out, the Magic V2 features a round-corner design – ensuring a more comfortable experience for consumers. 

The device also houses a groundbreaking 7.92-inch foldable display, effortlessly transforming from a smartphone into a tablet and offers an HDR10+ immersive viewing experience to catch up on your favourite shows, sports games and work-related documents.  

A sleek and simple camera setup

Simple and minimalist is on the agenda of the HONOR Magic V2. Featuring a 3-camera setup, the lenses are lined up in a straight line that speaks to a simple aesthetic. Housing two 50MP and a 20MP rear lenses, the device is designed to not only look visually stunning but also capture breathtaking images in 4K quality of the user’s Outfit of the Day (OOTD) or Outfit of the Night (OOTN).

The HONOR Magic V2 isn’t just another smart device, it highlights the seamless fusion of technology and fashion, designed to complement or upgrade any look, style or ensemble effortlessly. 

Experience the Magic of the HONOR Magic V2, available at selected retailers for the recommended purchase price of R39 999.00

For more information, please visit HONOR at https://www.honor.com/za/phones/honor-magic-v2/


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