Your first look at the vivo V30 5G

Even for those who count tech as a hobby, the phone release cycle can feel a bit samey with countless new devices released every year that all blend together. Is it not time for something a bit different?

From the moment you set eyes on the vivo V30 5G – releasing in South Africa on 18th April – you know that it’s not just different but refreshingly so. That starts with vivo’s amazing new colours in the form of Waving Aqua and Noble Black. While we’re usually the first to reach for the refined simplicity of the black option, vivo really has us tempted with the Waving Aqua.

Again separating itself from other companies who just attach fancy names to their colours, vivo means it with this colourway as the Waving Aqua option uses a special Rippling Magnetic Particle Process to physically create a pseudo waving ripple pattern right there on the back of the phone.

Also on the back of the phone you’ll notice the amazing Aura Light Portrait feature. The real secret to better photography and videography is better lighting so it’s a real mystery why so many companies are still shipping out new phones with decades-old lighting. The Aura Light on the vivo V30 5G increases the light-emitting area of the phone by 19 times compared to a standard flash. This lighting isn’t just brighter, it’s softer because, again comparing to a standard flash – it’s 50 times softer.

And that’s not all that the Aura Light can do as vivo has packed it with features. The Distance Sensitive Lighting and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment features ensure that you always have the optimal lighting for your shoot, even in the most challenging environments.

This superior lighting is combined with an impressive camera cluster. Here you’ll find a 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera, a 50MP AF Ultra-Wide Angle Camera and a 2MP shooter to round off the considerable shooting potential. vivo is putting professional grade glass in your pocket with flagship-level light sensitivity and vivo’s exclusive Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) tech that strives to replicate images in the nuances way that the human eye operates.

Turn the phone around and you’re met with more camera magic thanks to the in-screen selfie shooter that blows competitors away with an industry-leading 50MP AF Group Selfie Camera. This 92 degree field of view, auto-focus camera simply embarrasses other manufacturers who are still selling mid-range and high-end phones that have selfie cameras in the single digits when it comes to the MP count.

Now you can also appreciate the huge 6.78 inch screen with its resolution of 2800X1260 for the ultimate content and game enjoyment. Games will also love the 120Hz refresh rate but, even if you’re not the kind to fill your phone with games, this high refresh rate makes everything you do on the phone feel that much snappier.

The rest of that snappiness comes from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset paired with 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. vivo has once again been more than generous in its features as that 12GB of RAM can be doubled using the Extended RAM feature.

All this power under your fingertips is there for as long as you need it thanks to the large 5 000mAh battery that can also be charged up incredibly fast with the 80W FlashCharge. This can get you to a full 100 percent charge, from zero, in 48 minutes. Those who have been missing out on these higher wattage chargers over the years, because of fears of battery degradation, can put these fears to bed as vivo has ensured a four year lifespan for batteries.

Need even more on top of all this? vivo also gives you one free battery replacement if your maximum battery capacity is less than 80 percent within four years (1 460 calendar days from the date of activation). With so many companies simply shrugging their shoulders when it comes time to stand by their product, we couldn’t be happier to see vivo actually give customers a reassurance like this.


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