Automate Mother’s Day with these Redmi Note 13 Series bundles

Earlier in the year we told you to mark a very special date in the calendar, that being 10th April, because that is when the Redmi Note 13 Series launched in South Africa. Now we are asking you to get the calendar out again because Mother’s Day in this country, 12th May, is right around the corner.

What you may not already know is that these two dates are perfectly aligned.

This is because the Redmi Note 13 Series makes the perfect gift for mom, not just because it is the latest and greatest range of devices from Redmi, but because you could turn mom’s place into a smart phone at the same time.

Before we explain how, let’s just have a quick recap of the Redmi Note 13 Series. This launch is comprised of the Redmi Note 13, Redmi Note 13 Pro and Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G. These phones get their Note designation thanks to the huge and beautiful 6.67 inch AMOLED displays that are not only highly detailed with FHD+ resolutions, but also blazing speed thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

Enjoy content or create memories with the powerful cameras across the range. All Redmi Note 13 Series devices have an in-screen 16MP selfie cam (as well as an in-screen fingerprint sensor) and on the back you can find camera arrays that rival professional photographers. See the full details of each device in our original article here.

So back to the idea of getting mom a smart home for Mother’s Day. This is all thanks to the amazing bundles that you can get from Vodacom over 36 months. All you need to do is pick out which of the devices best suits you or mom for either R329 per month (Redmi Note 13), R429 per month (Redmi Note 13 Pro) or R699 per month.

Then you can turn your new contract into a bundle for just R29 extra per month. This unlocks a slew of Xiaomi smart appliances or even Robot Vacuums that now come bundled with your new Redmi Note 13 Series phone.

With Xiaomi Robot Vacuums you can autonomously clean houses and apartments fully because these aren’t just Robot Vacuums – they mop too. Mom has cleaned up for you all these years, so why not return the favour?

Or help out in the kitchen with smart appliances such as the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer. These take all the hype around air fryers and turn it up to 11 with features such as smart recipes, voice and app control, scheduled cooking, and maximised internal cooking space despite a minimal footprint. Xiaomi Smart Air Fryers can even do non-cooking jobs such as defrosting, yoghurt making and food drying.

And with the sudden South African heat giving way to rain and a cold front recently, consider the smart fans and other climate control options from Xiaomi that can be part of your Redmi Note 13 Series Vodacom bundle.

Not entirely on the smart home idea? No stress. Add just R9 extra to your contract per month to instead get a smart wearable.

No matter your choice, don’t delay. These specials end soon or while stocks last. Mother’s Day is on 12th May – this is your final reminder!


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