Dell Technologies expands capabilities of NVIDIA-powered AI Factory

  • Dell Technologies announced a range of enhancements to its AI Factory in partnership with NVIDIA this week.
  • The announcements came at the annual Dell Technologies World conference that took place in Las Vegas.
  • The enhancements are designed to help customers when it comes to the speed of AI adoption and innovation.

This week is turning into a banner one when it comes to artificial intelligence. A number of companies have debuted new consumer-focused hardware for AI in recent days, and on the enterprise side of things Dell Technologies has done the same of its AI Factory in partnership with NVIDIA.

For those unfamiliar with the Dell AI Factory, it is best described as a comprehensive AI solutions portfolio that looks at desktops to cloud, and is aimed at accelerating AI adoption and innovation for Dell Technologies’ customers.

With this in mind, the company has debuted new advancements in server, edge, workstation, solutions, and services, with NVIDIA assisting in terms of the compute elements required to bring it all to fruition.

The enhancements were announced at Dell Technologies World 2024, which just wrapped up this week in Las Vegas.

“Our expansion of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA continues our joint mission – we’re making it easy for organizations to implement AI so they can move boldly into this next technological revolution,” noted Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies regarding the enhancements.

“Generative AI requires a new type of computing infrastructure – an AI factory that produces intelligence. Together, NVIDIA and Dell are providing the world’s industries with a full-stack offering – including computing, networking and software – that drives the copilots, coding assistants, virtual customer service agents and industrial digital twins of the digital enterprise,” added Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

Moving forward, customers will be able to purchase solutions and services to deploy large-scale AI workloads, all of which will be powered by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet networking fabric, and NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs.

One of the solutions in this regard is the Dell PowerEdge XE9680L, which is said to deliver high performance with support for eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a smaller 4U form factor.

“The server provides the highest possible rack-scale density for NVIDIA GPUs in an industry standard x86 rack, offering 33% more GPU density per node. The platform offers 20% more PCIe Gen. 5 slots and double the North/South network expansion capacity,” the company highlighted in a press release.

Another solution that was revealed this week is the Dell NativeEdge, which as the name suggests automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software at the edge, allowing for AI deployments to be analysed by customers at the edge.

Other enhancements include Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants to speed up and personalise the deployment of AI-enabled digital assistants. Added to this Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA solutions to help organisations rapidly stand-up AI environments for a variety of use cases, and lastly Dell Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI Workstations to assist in shortening the AI development cycle through a tailored large language model using RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation).

Many of the solutions featured above are rolling out to Dell Technologies customers Stateside later this month, with other regions needing to wait until the second half of 2024 for access.


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