Huawei eKit launched with local SMEs in mind

  • Huawei has launched its eKit brand in South Africa, offering a suite of digital transformation-focused solutions for local SMEs.
  • The eKit was unveiled at the China (Shenzhen) – South Africa Investment Promotion Conference held at the Bank of China in Sandton.
  • Designed for use in SME offices, Huawei says the eKt can also be deployed by budget hotels, schools, and small factories.

Huawei has a new offering for local small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the form of its eKit.

The Huawei eKit was officially launched at the China (Shenzhen) – South Africa Investment Promotion Conference, which was hosted by the Development and Reform Commission of the Shenzhen Municipality at the Bank of China in Sandton.

The new suite of products are not only designed to be leveraged by SMEs looking to push forward with digital transformation projects, but can also deployed in budget-friendly hotels, schools, and small factories.

The launch of eKit is also part of a larger plan to foster greater collaboration between South Africa and the city of Shenzhen, which is where Huawei was founded and is currently headquartered.

“Over the past 40 years, Shenzhen has developed from a small fishing village on the coastal border into one of the cities with the highest economic, enterprise, innovation, and talent density in China ” highlighted Guo Ziping, director of the Development and Reform Commission of the Shenzhen Municipality.

Seen as a global innovation hub where roughly almost 730 000 smartphones, 15 000 integrated circuits and 117 000 computers are produced every day, the launch of the Huawei eKit comes as South Africa is one of key countries that Shenzhen does business with.

“South Africa has become the largest trading partner of Shenzhen in Africa, with bilateral trade reaching 21 billion Yuan (R55.4 billion),” added Ziping in a release shared with Hypertext. “You can see many Shenzhen-inspired elements in South Africa with products like Huawei’s mobile phones,” they continued.

As for the suite of products, Huawei South Africa’s Vincent Liu, director of Commercial and Distribution Business, notes that it, “will provide solutions for connectivity, storage, video solutions, and intelligent collaboration. It’s a new brand that brings the latest technology to SMEs.”

On top of this, Liu pointed out that a dedicated website and app would, “both complement the hardware offering by providing a one-stop digital platform that will support efficient operations for distribution partners.”

He also noted that partnerships with ICT distributors like Switchcom Distribution will assist in Huawei’s vision and provide end-to-end solutions for resellers, installers, and internet service providers in the country.

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