Huawei Pura 70 series quietly goes on pre-order in South Africa

  • Huawei Mobile South Africa has gone live with pre-orders for its new flagship phone lineup – the Pura 70 series.
  • The Pura 70, 70 Pro, and 70 Ultra are all available for pre-order, with the recommended pricing starting at R19 999.
  • A R500 deposit can secure a device from Huawei Mobile’s online store, with the balance due at a later date.

In a bit of a surprise on the eve of Election Day tomorrow, Huawei Mobile South Africa has gone live with pre-orders for its new Pura 70 series. The devices were confirmed as heading to SA earlier this month, but at the time no precise date or pricing information was shared by the smart devices manufacturer.

That changed today, however, as we came across pre-order details for three models of Pura 70 smartphone while collecting additional information for our review of the Huawei Watch Fit 3 (keep an eye out later this week).

Now Huawei is making the Pura 70, 70 Pro, and 70 Ultra models available to pre-order locally, with recommended pricing starting at R19 999.

That amount is attached to the standard Pura 70, while the larger 70 Pro is listed at R26 999, and the highest specced 70 Ultra carries a R34 999 price tag. To secure one on pre-order, however, you won’t need to pay the full amount up front, with a R500 deposit enough to get your foot in the door (or hand on the phone?).

Mixed metaphors aside, the pre-orders are live now until midnight on 31st May. From there, the outstanding balance is due, depending on which model you opted for. At the time of writing, no official launch or shipping date is mentioned, but balances are required to be paid by midnight on 30th June in order to fully secure the pre-ordered device.

In usual Huawei fashion, the company is incentivising pre-orders via its online store by knocking R3 000 off the normal RRP, as well as bundling different extras depending on the model of phone you go for.

On the 70 Ultra for example, a MatePad SE tablet, magnetic cover, and three months of Huawei Care+ cover is included, with the other pre-orders featuring similar bundled extras.

As for the specifications of the Pura 70 series, the key components are listed below:

Pura 70Pura 70 ProPura 70 Ultra
Display6.6″ OLED (2760×1256)6.8″ OLED (2844×1260)6.8″ OLED (2844×1260)
ProcessorOcta-core Kirin 9000S1Octa-core Kirin 9010Octa-core Kirin 9010
Battery4 900mAh5 050mAh5 200mAh
Front camera13MP wide-angle13MP wide-angle13MP wide-angle
Rear Camera50MP Ultra Lighting, 13MP Ultra wide-angle, 12MP telephoto50MP Ultra Lighting, 12.5MP Ultra wide-angle, 48MP Macro Telephoto50MP Ultra Lighting Pop-Out, 40MP Ultra wide-angle, 50MP Macro Telephoto
ColoursPink, White, BlackWhite, BlackGreen, Brown, Black
RRPR19 999R26 999R34 999

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