Moya Money is now Bloo Money

  • A local fintech has concluded a rebrand that took months to complete.
  • As such, Moya Money will now go by Bloo Money as it eyes expansion and improvements.
  • While a lot has changed, the core product for freelancers remains unchanged but users can expect improvements in the future.

Local fintech Moya Money was founded in 2021 and unfortunately, that name is shared by a number of other companies. In a bid to stand out and establish itself, the company has announced a rebranding and a renaming.

Notably, Moya Money is no more as the company will now go by Bloo Money. The new name is meant to reflect the firm’s desire to make fintech more approachable.

“Ultimately when we made the decision to change our name we wanted one that would be unique, could be playful, could resonate with many of our customers who are in the creative space and would be inclusive to be pronounced easily by people across the world,” explains cofounder, Thulani Masebenza.

The firm says that despite the name change, its core product will remain unchanged and businesses with its freelance management system will continue to enjoy the same experience as before.

Freelancers can still use Bloo Money to request early payouts in case of delayed payments, set up and send invoices, and manage clients from a single interface. The app is secure, ensuring the safe handling of documents confidentiality of identities.

“When we started and along the journey, our product vision has always been to be transform the way we freelancers work, handle their finances and the foundational principle is basically their relationship with money,” adds cofounder Sabica Pardesi.

The company says that freelancers can expect enhancements and new offerings from Bloo Money in the future.

The firm has been gradually working to rebrand its operations and this name change is the final step in the process. The new colourway, marketing collateral and web app have all been gradually updated to match new identity for the brand.

The change from Moya Money to Bloo Money may also help in attracting customers from beyond the African continent, especially as Bloo Money has a presence both in the UK and South Africa.

You can now find Bloo Money here.


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