Shared workspace leaders announce major partnership

  • KOFISI and Workshop17 have announced a partnership that will expand the reach of both firms.
  • Members from either organisation can now make use of a combined 22 coworking spaces.
  • With a rise in hybrid working this partnership is sure to help both firms expand their reach.

By 2030 the global coworking space market will be worth $24 billion. The flexibility coworking spaces offer coupled with a rise in remote and hybrid work are driving growth amounting to approximately $2 billion per year in this sector. Today, two major players in this sector announced they are establishing a partnership.

KOFISI and Workshop17 have announced that the pair will be partnering up to offer members of each access to a wider range of facilities. In total, members will be able to access 22 coworking spaces in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and Mauritius. KOFISI is also opening spaces in Rwanda and Morocco which members will be able to make use of.

“The combined strength of KOFISI and Workshop17, with their extensive client base, continental knowledge and expertise, will create a fertile ground for innovation and growth, appealing to all enterprises operating or entering the African market,” the chief executive officer at Workshop17, Paul Keursten said in a statement.

Both firms highlight a growing trend where the likes of Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft look to the African continent for talent and growth. All firms have at least a small presence on the continent and they will likely look to expand their presence on the continent.

While Africa has come far in terms of participating in the global digital economy, the aforementioned firms have yet to fully embrace the continent. Over the next 20 years, the working population is expected to increase substantially to represent a third of the global working population.

“This partnership aims to meet evolving expectations for global standards in workplaces across Africa – and driving hospitality service standards, supporting improved productivity, collaboration, and wellbeing,” said Michael Aldridge, cofounder and chief executive officer of KOFISI.

With the imminent arrival of a remote working visa in South Africa, partnerships such as this will hopefully give digital nomads a home base to work from.

Those looking for a coworking space in any of the countries mentioned above should head to KOFISI and Workshop17’s websites for more information.


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