South Africa: Elevate your business with Zebra Technologies and Rectron

It is a fact: if you work with technology in South Africa, Rectron is your go to distributor. For decades now Rectron has been bringing the best products and services into the country making life easier for the entire value chain.

From A to Z (or should we say, AMD to Zebra), big brands the world over choose Rectron as their partner for South Africa and today we are going to be covering the end of the alphabet in the form of Zebra. Rectron is now offering its esteemed reseller base the opportunity to enhance their business through Zebra, so let’s take a closer look. 

Zebra Technologies, a leading computing and solutions provider, has been the go-to company for bespoke business solutions for over 55 years. With a track record of success across retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, field operations, logistics, and the public sector, Zebra’s blend of mobile computing innovation and robust software support stands out.

This is thanks to its combination of innovations in mobile computing and the software clout to back that up. If you want your customer and partner businesses up and running as efficiently as possible, a new arm of the business to grow some muscle or to continue the endless best way to cut costs, Zebra has you covered. 

Imagine a retail sector customer that needs a solution for inventory counting. Zebra hasReady Solutions for this situation with a mix of hardware, software, services, and maintenance. 

For hardware, in this use case, Zebra recommends a mix of mobile computing (handheld mobile computers and wearable computers), as well as RFID readers (handheld and fixed) together with a barcode scan system. With this combination of tools, frontline workers are empowered with tools that are mobile, user-friendly and efficient. The focus on mobility and ease of use of Zebra products gives these workers the confidence they need. Out are the slow and proprietary systems of old which required endless training, and in are Android-based computers that are familiar and fast, not to mention compact and light. 

For software there are options like Workcloud Actionable Intelligence, Workcloud Enterprise Collaboration Suite, and Workcloud Communication. Each has their part to play in contributing to the whole. Actionable Intelligence, for example, discovers cost-saving measures and course-corrections, while Enterprise Collaboration Suite handles everything around labour and the workforce with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance). And Communication is where front-line collaboration happens with a collection of communication options. 

Across its software suite, Zebra knows that data is the lifeblood of modern business. This is why Zebra provides invaluable real-time and data-fuelled insights. For the management team this is indispensable as good decision making here touches every part of the company. 

The Zebra OneCare Maintenance Plans offer comprehensive services and maintenance, addressing concerns about investment protection with tech support, repairs, and a cloud-based dashboard for all repair and support information. This covers tech support, repairs, Peace-of-Mind plans and a cloud-based dashboard to view all repair and support information. 

Zebra already has proven solutions in place for just about every industry and every solution in that industry. You can read through Zebra’s seemingly endless list of success stories that cover everything from picking and packing errors in UK skincare brands to time and money saved at a Pontifical university in Ecuador. 

South African businesses are known for their innovative approaches and unique challenges. Zebra thrives in this environment, turning each new challenge into a success story. With a wealth of experience in creating tailored solutions, Zebra stands ready to tackle your business’s unique needs. An expert consultant is on hand to begin this partnership, aiming to feature your company in the next chapter of Zebra’s success story.

Rectron, Zebra and you form the perfect trio so get in contact with Rectron today. to see how you can bring Zebra to your customers today. Not a Rectron reseller yet? The easy reseller onboarding process starts here with a simple application and terms and conditions.

Check back with Hypertext soon as we cover some exciting products and services from Zebra.


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