VideoFX is an experimental Sora competitor from Google DeepMind

  • Google has announced VideoFX as a new generative media tool to accompany ImageFX and MusicFX.
  • The new tool exists within the Veo application for DeepMind.
  • It gives Google an AI-enabled video generating tool to go up against OpenAI’s Sora.

Google is trying to go tit for tat with OpenAI when it comes to the breadth of generative AI tools it is making publicly available. Where OpenAI announced its generative video model Sora in February this year, now Google has VideoFX.

The new model joins ImageFX and MusicFX within Google DeepMind, with the company noting that it’s designed to help creatives with their storytelling.

“VideoFX is our newest experimental tool that lets you turn an idea into a video clip with just a text prompt. It’s powered by Veo, Google DeepMind’s newest and most capable video generation model, which enables you to create content that captures emotional nuance across visual styles and produces striking cinematic effects,” notes Google in a blog post.

“The experimental tool also comes with a Storyboard mode that lets you iterate scene by scene and add music to your final video. It’s great for quick explorations and creative control,” it adds.

Unlike Sora, however, access to VideoFX will take some time to reach the general public, with it limited to private preview in the United States for now. There is also a waitlist for those wanting to access the new tool.

Along with adding VideoFX to the mix, Google has announced some new features for some of its existing generative media tools. To that end, it is adding editing controls to ImageFX to add, remove or change specific elements in images.

“Additionally, ImageFX will also add Imagen 3, Google DeepMind’s highest quality and most capable image generation model yet. It unlocks more photorealism with richer details and fewer visual artifacts, and more accurate text rendering,” the company pointed out.

Much like VideoFX, access to Imagen 3 is waitlisted.

As for MusicFX is it getting a DJ mode which was previewed by Google a few months back. “This feature helps you mix beats by combining genres, instruments, and more to bring musical stories to life. It’s a playground for inspiring new music, and you can try it now,” the company says.

With plenty of conjecture around ownership and how these models are trained when it comes to generative media, it looks like Google is quite happy to forge ahead by making new tools within this space available to those who are interested.


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