22nd February 2024 12:48 pm
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Outa members facing etoll court battles can rest easy, for now

Gauteng motorists who are facing legal action for the non-payment of etolls fees and also happen to be Outa members, can rest easy.

Outa members will be immune from battling it out against Sanral for at least the next two years.

This is according to an announcement made by the alliance today with regards to summons that had been issued to a number of non-payers a few months ago.

In February this year, the Etolls Collection Company, announced that Sanral would soon start issuing court summons to non-payers.

By April, Sanral had reportedly issued over 1 000 summons letters. Right from the onset, Outa had assured its members that there was nothing to worry about, even issuing a guide on what to do should they receive summons or letters of demand.

Outa entered into a series of negotiations with Sanral to ice legal claims from its existing and future members pending the completion of the test case process that started in June 2016, and could realistically take more than two years to complete.

“The agreement effectively grants the entire Outa member community immunity until the case is complete. Our aim is to show that etolling is unlawful in the test case, and should we succeed, the stay of legal claims will become permanent.” said Wayne Duvenage, Chairman of Outa.

According to Outa, Sanral refused to extend to postponement to those who aren’t Outa members and legal process against such people will continue as planned.

New summons are also being issued, Outa added.

”More worrying for Sanral is the fact that all their summonses issued between March 2016 and mid-August 2016, were seriously erroneous and significantly flawed to the extent that we maintain these as being excitable, i.e their declarations do not conform to the rules of court,” Duvenage said.

“Until the authorities stop listening to Sanral’s nonsense and come to their senses by pulling the plug on the scheme, Outa will continue to fight for the rights of society and do what is necessary to halt the etolls debacle,” he concluded.

[Source – Outa]

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