Why you won’t see a SA DStv price decrease anytime soon

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On Tuesday DStv Africa announced that it would be lowering prices in a number of southern and eastern countries, excluding South Africa.

Kenyan, Zambian, Uganadan, Tanzanian, Ghanaian and Zimbabwean DStv viewers will not only see a price reduction of up to 17% come 1st November, every single package available in the countries will be receiving as much as 11 new channels.

This naturally made many South Africans envious and question whether or not the paid-for-TV service would be extending this kind offer over to the southern most country in Africa, but it looks like we’ll be slapped with another price hike (as is annual occurrence) instead of a decrease.

DStv South Africa told htxt that when reviewing its packages and prices in each country, it takes into account local dynamics such as inflation, content costs, foreign exchange rates, local taxes and overheads required for each business.

“The price of DStv Premium in South Africa compares favourably with the pricing in other African countries,” the company said. “We’ve done a lot of research into what pay TV costs in other parts of the world, and we believe that DStv offers good value for money in the countries in which it operates.”

The company added that it has implemented a number of cost-saving options for South African customers. “Those who pay annually receive one month free, and our Price Lock packages enable customers to freeze their package price for two years.”

So, in a nutshell, you’re getting your money’s worth, according to DStv.

New package pricing will be announced in April next year, once the company has done its business planning.