Star Wars: Vader Immortal is a VR experience launching on Oculus

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There’s a new piece of VR hardware on the market in the form of the Oculus Quest, which the company recently revealed.

This now begs the question as to what you’ll be using the headset and controllers for. Well a VR experience titled Star Wars: Vader Immortal has also been announced, and could very well do the trick.

For now the details are slim, other that it being a three-part experience that will launch on Oculus headsets sometime in 2019. There’s also a teaser trailer that was released for the announcement, but apart from a cameo from its titular Sith Lord, it is rather vague.

We do know that David S. Goyer, the man who wrote The Dark Knight and other DC properties, will be handling the story with it said to focus on an element of Darth Vader that has not been told before. This is all according to developer ILMxLAB.

Whether or not it will serve as canon remains to be seen.

Along with Star Wars: Vader Immortal, ILMxLAB is set to work on a number of Star Wars-related VR projects over the course of the year, most of which will be exclusive to Oculus hardware.

As such, it may be worthwhile investing in the Oculus Quest if you’re a Vader fan. It has not been confirmed yet, but hopefully Star Wars: Vader Immortal will allow users to inhabit the Sith Lord’s signature helmet and wield his red lightsaber at some point.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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