25th February 2024 10:15 am
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Vote to make this 100% LEGO kaleidoscope an official set

LEGO Ideas – the platform that allows anyone to submit a build with the potential for it to become an official set available in stores – has an amazing new submission in a functional kaleidoscope that takes no shortcuts in its build.

With the rather silly name of ‘KaLEGOscope“, it made the rounds recently with a gif posted below showing how it works: a clear “cell” holds a collection of loose bricks which spin around and are reflected by a trio of mirrors housed inside of the main body.

The mirrors themselves are official pieces too created by LEGO and placed in sets like 10246: Detective’s Office and 10255: Assembly Square to be minifig-scale.

While LEGO has, in the past, made mirrors for other sets, they usually take the form of shiny stickers placed over clear pieces. The fact that this actual mirror exists in the LEGO catalogue is the reason this build can exist without “cheating” by using non-LEGO pieces.

The main build of the KaLEGOscope is only 137 parts with the cell holding between 40 and 60 more depending on their size. This means that if the set were to reach shelves it should be relatively cheap at around $20 (going off of the usual conversion of 10 US cents per piece seen in most sets).

via Gfycat

Due to the fact that the cell can be opened, it means that this set can be customised with whatever you’d like to see. Customisation is something of a hallmark of the Ideas theme – on top of the intrinsic nature of LEGO – as sets such as 21315: Pop-Up Book and 21305: Maze encouraging people to make alterations to the main build to suit their needs.

Outside of that this set can even be used with non-LEGO pieces or to try and watch videos with a slightly different perspective.

At the time of writing the Ideas campaign for this build is sitting at around 1 500 votes. Ten thousand votes are required before LEGO themselves will look over the KaLEGOscope and decide if it’s worthy of being set.

We suspect that this will easily reach the target as votes are flooding in during the short time that the campaign has been active. That being said you should definitely leave your vote if you want one of these, with a simple account creation all that’s needed before you can get going.

The last time we featured an Ideas hopeful in the this “functional” scale piano it reached the 10K mark so we’re reasonably comfortable with our prediction here.

If you’re still not sold see this longer video for more of its features.

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