22nd February 2024 3:47 pm
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Hulu to stream a Greta Thunberg documentary in 2020

Last week teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg was honoured with TIME’s person of the year title, which US president Donald Trump was none too pleased about. If he was upset with that, he’ll be less than enthused to find out that Hulu is working on a documentary of Thunberg which will premiere on its streaming platform in 2020.

Initially reported by Deadline, the documentary will chronicle the rise of the activist which in 2019 was meteoric given her age and the blunt way in which she spoke to leaders about climate change the decisions they have made up until now.

Producing the project is B-Reel Films, with Nathan Grossman earmarked to direct. The production company also has an office in Thunberg’s native Sweden, and will focus on her efforts early on, which include organising school strikes and speaking to local government about climate change.

While her life up until this point is well worth turning into a documentary, we hope the project does not lose sight of the goals that Thunberg has set out for herself, which is of course to get policy makers and those in charge to drastically change their positions on climate change, and make efforts to counter the damage already done to the planet.

Not one to shirk from the issues, we think Greta Thunberg will no doubt have plenty to say during this documentary and will not hold back in laying into the government officials and big corporates that are to blame.

For now the documentary will be a Hulu exclusive slated for release in March of 2020, but no word on whether other platforms will receive it thereafter.

[Image – TIME]

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