Severe vulnerabilities affecting GeForce, Tesla and Quadro drivers patched by Nvidia

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Anybody that is running an Nvidia GeForce, Quadro or Tesla GPU should update their drivers immediately.

This is due to a security flaw that was patched in the latest version of the drivers.

The flaw is on the software side of things so there is no need to ditch your GPU but an update is vital.

The vulnerabilities being patched would allow an attacker to execute denial of service attacks, escalation of privileges or simply siphon off important data.

One of the vulnerabilities – CVE‑2020‑5957 – carries a CVSS base score of 8.4, meaning its rather severe.

The vulnerabilities affect Windows and Linux systems.

In addition to the GPU driver update, Nvidia has issued updates for its Virtual GPU software following the discovery of several vulnerabilities. Nvidia’s vGPU software allows virtual machines to have direct access to a physical GPU.

These vulnerabilities could lead to denial of service attacks if exploited by the right person.

Many of the updated drivers are available now although one Tesla driver will only be available next week. A patch for vulnerabilities affecting vGPU software on some operating systems will only be made available in April.

You can check out Nvidia’s planned driver update release schedules below or simply head to the Nvidia security bulletin directly.

GPU driver update schedule and availability.
vGPU update schedule.
Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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